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My work is finally submitted onto clic! I am very happy with the final piece although the sounds and music could have been sorted out better it’s a bit up and down. I think i have gained so much knowledge on using VFX by researching and creating this, I do believe i will get better and better with the more practice i get, so I’m going to carry on practicing and be better as each assignment approaches. I’m happy with everything i have archived so far in this course.

So here it is:


Some Visual effects i used was:

Lighting: I made the lights flicker to make it feel gloomy and uncomfortable for the audience.

Smoke: Again i used this smoke to make the audience feel uncomfortable and unsure on what is going to happen to them.

3D room- To make the tunnel

Very Proud considering i havent ever used anything like this before!



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I really wanted to use some bats flying out of my tunnel towards the camera, But unfortunately i was unable to do this. I really did try by using the puppet pin tool but i was awful at re-shaping the object. This is defiantly something i want to learn more about and practice it is on my tick list to practise this more as i know i will be needed this for a lot of projects. I also did try to use sparks coming off of the tracks but i asked a couple of people what they thought and the said that i done the sparks really well but it just looked out-of-place as the roller coaster cart was in a POV shot and the sparks would normally be seen at the end of the tracks after a roller coaster has gone past. I did experiment with a lot of particle system objects such as fire but again i could not place it where it looked appropriate. This is when i knew that it was not needed and that i was trying to hard to put more and more VFX in my project. Now i know that less is more sometimes.

Typography and Colour.

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I know that i wanted to have a gory and gloomy feel to the advert so i downloaded a font called bloodgutter (shown in the image below –  it was the most suitable and fitted to my genre nicely . The obvious colour to ue is red as i wanted to make it look like blood was dripping from the page!


I also wanted to make it have a ghost feel so i looked at tutorials to find one suitable for this and i found a perfect match, Here is the tutorial that i followed:



Another sucess for me! Something is bound to go wrong (fingers crossed it doesn’t)

Music and Sound Effects.

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I was very carful when picking my sounds and effects. I knew that i had to put a lot in to make it sound realistic. I got a few effects off sound cloud such as the train track noise so it sounded as if the audience was on an actual roller coaster. I also added screams, including men as we all know men get a tad scared on roller coasters, I mixed all this in with horror music and groans from zombies. It was hard to decided the volume of all this as sometimes the voiceover was hard to hear. It was all fun and games.


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I knew that i couldn’t film any rollercoasters as all the theme parks was shut over christmas, this made me panic. Fortunately i decide to look online for stock footage of roller coasters. Yay i found some but the quality is not as good as it could be which is a massive disappointment. This is the website that i got it off of. Very useful website i must say:


Creating 3D Room

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AHH what a success this was i am so happy with what i have created, I followed the tutorial but I’m stilll very proud of myself, I am really surprised with how much i have learnt over the past year. A year ago i would never of even been able to even create a key frame let alone this! Because i wanted to do my roller coaster ride as a point of view  shot i had to make the audience feel uncomfortable as possible so  I also added flicking lights in the tunnel as if it felt old and gloomy. I have also added smoke as this is one of the examples that i saw in thorpe park when i went on the saw ride! I added this busing the particle systems It was very easy for me i just had to play about with the birth rate etc to get it exactly where i wanted it. It took a while but was all worth it.


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Today i gathered my Dad while he was free from work and we recorded the voice over, I done this on a microphone on my mac… Its pretty impressive quality considering that i didn’t use a tas-cam. Although i must invest in one as they are very handy.  It was a successful day,even if we did have to do quite a few takes to get the right ones! Thanks again Dad.

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