We have a Problem!!!!

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I knew it was all going to good to be true… I am such a wally and didn’t realise during filming that i green screen is the same colour as the sleeves of the superhero costume. So when i was trying to key this out it was going so wrong and cutting out the sleeves as well… Look here is how awful it looks.So I’m been searching the net into how i can overcome this problem… However it resulted me in emailing Simon to give me an idea on how to do this!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.22.08


I had to rotoscope it all out and do it that way, This took me hours as i had to do it to every single shot that i done within the green screen. 




Filming Complete… Editing begins.

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Now the Filming is done i am starting on the editing…

I am editing in premire pro, and then doing all the effects in after effects. So far so good.

Filming Day 2!

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Filming is going very well so far… Something is bound to go wrong as its all going too well.


First time green screen user.

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Ahhh its the day of filming and i have never used a green screen before. I was panicking that this wouldn’t work for me as I’m not a very good believer in myself but i was pushing myself to give it ago and wanted it to work.

I took some still shots on my camera to see what it would look like before i started shooting, i wanted to really prepare myself for what was going to happen.

Here is the image that i took:


Change of Plan

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I know the deadline is creeping up on me but i decided to change my storyline a tad, as i thought it was making no sense to just have a superhero showing off his powers, so i decided that i wanted to make a quick storyline and make it like a comic book style film. This made me very excited.


So my new idea i wanted it to be funny, quirky and very comic book style and have that kind of old editing feel to it. My new storyline is to have a girl being locked in her shed by her dog and the superhero coming to save the day!

Very Poorly

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For the past week i have been in hospital very ill! So feeling like i am try behind with the project. So filming, and editing needs to get done quick so i do not get stressed about things and fall behind even more.


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I was watching Celebrity Juice last night and thought of an idea that i could try for my superhero short film. It’s the introduction to celebrity juice where there heads are really bigger than their cartoon bodies, it looks really good and funny, i could see my superhero film with this effect in it. I don’t know how hard this will be but I’m going to try to give it ago just trial and error to see what it looks like. I clearly need to research into this and how it all works. Here is a video below of the start of celeb juice to show you what i mean:

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