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To get to grips and understand more about Derren Brown and how he controls an audience i recorded some of his series from sky so i could gradually watch them and user stand his concepts. This really helped me, even though i knew what Derren Brown was all about it gave me more of an insight about his work. There are so many different ways he can control an audience which makes it so scary.


Quick Summary

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We know that Derren Brown has the ability to control our minds, but Rupert Murdoch has the resources to control our thoughts.

In my essay i will be talking about theories such as: Intertextuality, Ideology, representation.

The Final Mashup

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Yay.. So happy with my mash-up, it just goes to show it takes a few attempts to get to the final  one that you like!


The second outcome!

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This one was so much better as i had come to the conclution that they both should have been looking the same way! I changed the thickness of the zip so Rupert Murdochs face could be seen better. I also got feedback on this one!

Something Just Isn’t right!

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I left it for a dew days before i went back to my mash-up. I just looked at it and thought there is something that isn’t right about this, it just looked so weird to me. I asked friends and Family what was up with it. I got some really good feedback which made me start again! Second time lucky!

The outcome!

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Images I chose

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Here are the images that i chose. I thought that i really needed an image that say “Mind Control” show i picked the one below of Derren Brown, also an image that says Evil and powerful! Here are the Images that i picked below:







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