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On idea i had was to develop a “goosebumps” like mini thriller for children. Unfortunatly i had this all planned out and ready to film with storyboards and script. I had my litte niece Demi aged 14 to act for me with a few of her freind to help me out (see blog for story board). I had to cancell this as My actors wasnt reliable and time was ticking so i had to come up with a brand new idea and research to follow. I prefer my idea now to what i was going to do. I was going to mix stop motion and live action together, but more live action, im glad i studided more into stop motion than live action inmy final video. The expereince of being let down for filming become a reality for me, which has made me ready for the outside world.


Stop Motion

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To get into practice for completing my Anthropomorphism brief i wanted to try and get to grips with stop motion, seeing as i had created live action and a basic animation i felt that i wanted to teach myself a different aspect of video and motion graphics.

I started off with a cardboard box, thinking what type of scene could i create?

I also found some old pipe cleaners, coloured paper and 3D letters and shapes, thinking hmm what Anthropomorphic characters and scene could i create with these accessories that i found?

I thought of all sorts of scenes that i could create, from aliens in space, under water, jungle, desert etc.

First i wanted to go down the simple route just to get to grasps with creating stop motion animation. I decided to created an under water scene with some coloured paper and 3D shapes.

Below is an image of a scene that i took:

ImageStop Motion


Here is the final video:


Coud i have made this better? Yes 100% it was too fast and the lighting wasn’t very good.


Then I decided to see what i could make with the pipe cleaners and cardboard box. I got the paint out and started to paint a jungle theme as i thought this was the best option to take. So i thought what animals live in the jungle where i could create them into characters from the pipe cleaners…..

Here is me creating my characters and the characters that i created:






I then started to create the background on the cardboard, drawing an online of a jungle then painting it on. I also gathered some leaves and bushes from my back garden to make it look as realistic as possible. Here is me creating my background.


Here is my final outcome:

Was i happy with the final outcome? Oh yes i had so ch fun creating this, i really enjoyed creating stop motion but oh my its hard and time consuming. But so much fun.

What could i have done to make this better? i could have made sure the lighting was processed a bit better, lighting goes on and off bit off track. But so happy with the final outcome. Also for my final project i may consider stop motion.





Inspirational Ideas.

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I like the idea of compleating a stop motion peice, this would be very challanging for me as i have never tried this before but i feel like with all the research i have done within stop motion i could achive this. Im always happy to step out of my comfort zone.

Here below i found a video for stop motion. Although there is no anthromophism in this, the stop motion in it caught my eye and i enjoyed watching it.


I also really enjoyed wacthing this stop motion about the racing shoes, its simple but very different. I cant wait to try out stop motion for myself.




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Everywhere i look and go i see anthropomorphism in inanimate objects, its like I’ve been brainwashed!! here are a few images that i came across that look like they are smiling or have some kind of emotion:





















The brief

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The task within this project was to create and write a brief as if someone was going to under take the project without having a clue what to do. The whole point of the brief is to be understood and written well enough for that person to produce a video .

Anthropomorphism Taxidermy

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Browsing across YouTube researching about all this anthropomorphism i came across this video which i found very interesting. It’s about a taxidermist called Sue Jeiven who creates all stuffed animals into having human characteristics. Here is the video below:


Here is a few images i came across:

Alfred Hitchcock

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Seeing as i love Alfred Hitchcock and his films i wanted to find a link between anthropomorphism and his films. I didn’t think that this was no way possible, but with a lot of research i managed to find bits upon anthropomorphism in Alfred Hitchcock films especially psycho.

Hitchcock was fascinated by inanimate objects of which suggest life, however it seems that within his films he implied death rather than life within the inanimate objects. An example of this occurs with the bread knife shown in “Psycho” (1960). The knife showed that it had some kind of symbolic power even though it is an inamniate object, it was also showing that it was going to end a life therefore the knife represented death. There are many anthropomorphism elements in Hitchcock films, considerably seen more from the interiors which are filled with paintings and sculptures. Such as the large stuffed bird in Psycho that is seen appearing over the shoulder of Norman Bates. Not only do we see anthropomorphism in inanimate objects within his films but we also sees it in the house that appears in Psycho, the house itself has creepy and uneasy characteristics to it.

Another occurrence of this appears in the film “The Amityville Horror” (Rosenberg – 1979), the house seems as though it has some symbolic power, the house almost makes the audience feel petrified and tense just by looking at it.

Hitchcock clearly showed anthropomorphism within all these objects by only using tense music and camera angles to connect his film with the audience.

“There is no terror in a bang, only the anticipation of it” – Alfred Hitchcock

This quote above really caught my eye whilst researching as shall bear in my mind whilst creating my project.

Researching all this lead me to finalise my idea for my project. I had to and just wanted to create a film containing anthropomorphism. Learning that there is so much more to this topic that meets the eye, I just wanted the challenge to try and convey all the different meanings and elements behind a film containing anthropomorphism.

A massive challenge is ahead of me, and I’m ready!

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