Group Critque

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Today we had our critique, i thought mine went really well, the only criticism i got was that i could have added more animation to it, which i couldn’t agree with more. Like i said if i could have done one other thing it would have been to make the eyes move… this would have just made the whole thing but i tried my best and making the mouth move was an achievement for me.. So overall im VERY happy with the final outcome. I absolutely loved creating this animation and researching into other animations etc… it meant i was allowed to watch children’s programs YES! I am looking forward to doing more and more animations! I best get practicing then!!!


The Results!

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Finally my hard work and planning had all come together!!!!! Here is my animation.. so proud considering i had never ever done anything like this before! I love creating it too!

Going Out of My Comfort Zone.

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I used the puppet tool which Simon had taught us in lessons but i always had to recall my memory, i used tutorials. I looked at many such as these:

I wanted to go a step further and make the giraffe’s mouth move, i had NO clue whatsoever how to do this. But i thought to myself “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. I used the CC SPLIT tool to do this but I started by looking at lots of tutorials to get an idea how to do it and also i best way to do it.

However i tried my best to match up the mouth with the audio i really tried but i found this quite difficult, but doing something i thought i couldn’t do and did it is a massive achievement for me.


I was really disappointed that i couldn’t make the yes blink… i looked at some many tutorials to see if this could help me to achieve this:

i tried so had to get my image onto adobe flash as this was the only way that i could figure out how to do it…. BUT it wouldn’t let me transfer my image onto flash which was so frustrating. I think that if i managed to make the eyes blink it would have made the whole animation a lot better… never mind this is something i am going to teach myself over the summer holidays i want to learn it!!!!

Typography and Music

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I researched loads of fonts that i could use for my title and end credits, i wanted a jungle type theme as kids loves animals and bright colours etc. I researched into a lot of fonts! Heres a few that i thought about using!

But i finally came to a decision to use the one below, the reason for this was because it looked like a giraffe’s Print and it was very catchy for a young person:

I also researched into some posters again of children’s programs to see how they used them and colours etc.


I chose all my must from sound cloud, i wanted to make my animation as Disney like as possible as all children as we know LOVE Disney! i researched some Disney films to see what kind of soundtrack they had to them as its obvious that they need to be cheerful and happy to grab the addition of the young audience. here is some you tube links that i researched to get an idea:

I searched and searched on sound cloud until i could find the right music to go with my animation, i finally found it. the two tracks that i picked are called “wish upon a star” for when i twinkle sound of the stars at the beginning of the production logo and also “a happy summers day which was used for the main animation from beginning to end.

Production Logo.

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I designed my own production logo, i had a few to choose from which i created. I created it based on a childs perspective. so here were my choices:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finally came to a decision on what logo to go for… it had to be the one below… i chose this one as at the start of my animation it would clearly show that it was a childs programme.

As well as creating my own characters and logos, i also created the background etc for my animation:

I really enjoyed creating these.

Pre-Production Work.

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I went away and really thought about a storyline but all that kept going through my head was that i only had 30-60 seconds to create this animation with a structured storyline. But eventually i came up with a script and drew up a story board.

Here is my Script:

As soon as i knew i was doing an animation I had already asked my 6-year-old niece to do the voice over i wanted a young girl to do it as i wanted to make it sound as realistic as possible. However when i had finished the script i realised that she couldn’t read that well yet. fortunately my back-up voice over was my other neice who is 13 years old which worked out fantastic as she really fitted the part of a little girl giraffe. My dad was also the perfect part to play the dad as he had a dominating voice. I recorded the voice over before i started to fit all my animation together, This took a couple of takes but we got there in the end.

My storyboard:

Drawing My Characters: I traced my own characters and scanned them

onto the computer. Here are my final drawings of Gina and the dad giraffe:

However something was missing….. Eyes! the giraffe’s eyes were not noticeable so i found some eyes on another giraffe and cut them out…. 

This is what the giraffe’s look like now with their new eyes Perfect!!!……. 

Planning My Animation.

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Where to start?… I drew a few characters which i thought children would love i was shifting towards more of animals. Here is a few drawing (Excuse my rubbish drawings) of the characters that i like:

After i drew my characters i went and asked all 8 of my nieces and nephews to pick what their favourite character was, as i couldn’t decided. So the results were all counted up and the most picked was………………….. GINA THE GIRAFFE!!!! I was happy that this character was picked as i already had an idea to what the storyline would be about.

I researched even more into structures storylines as i knew my story had to make sence, i knew a structured storyline went something like this:

  • a happy beginning,
  • a middle where there is a problem,
  •  and an end where the problem is solved.

Here are a few websites that helped me understand about structured storyline.

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