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Today we had a group critique and showed our films off to the class. We got really good feedback about how the music fitted in really well and how the editing just flowed into one shot to another. This was a good feeling knowing that we had produced a great film and fulfilled the brief. The only negative point that we took under the chin was that the coffee cups wasnt scary enough, Which looking back I can now see this. For a project like this in the future I will take all the points and feedback into consideration.

I really enjoyed being involved in this project, I think I fulfilled my roles brilliantly. However being the director I could feel that everyone was getting annoyed at me asking for different shots here and there, but that was my job. I could feel myself being annoying asking for many close-ups and different angles shots, but I had to do this to make the film better. I think I have done my best with the roles I was given and im proud of the finished project.



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Today me and Tina met up and started to edit the film. Because we hd compleated the camera sheets we had an advantage of knowing which shots we was going to use, this meant we saved time going all through the different shots. Me and Tina sat down together and discussed at what points we was going to start and cut each scene. By two of us doing it gave us two different opinions. If we both disagreed with each other we would try both of the ideas we both came up with and see what one fitted best. We decided to fit all the shots together first and do the sound after, as the sound operator was Christina job.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: whist editing we noticed a grainy effect on the screen in all the dream scenes. ANOTHER IDEA (MEANT TO BE): Looks like the grainy effect was meant to be because since our film was a surreal film it worked out really well, as this added more to the surrealism dream-like to the scenes. We liked it so much we added more grain to the scenes. No more panicking things are finally coming together.

I done the title and credits and the end of the film, This was simply on Premire Pro. I didnt know how to do this so i looked on a few tutorials to help me understand what it was i was doing. Here is the tutorial that helped me:


This was our fist draft of the film:

Some people in our group didnt like the music that was put to the film and felt that it didnt build tention enough, so Christina and Tina went into even more depth of research and searched and searched “sound cloud” untill they found the appropriate sound/music for the film. However in my opinion it has came out 100% more better as i think it flows moew now. Everyone has put a fantastic effort into making this film a sucess, everyone ought to be proud of themselfs.


I hope you all enjoy watching it!!

I loved editing and matching up the cuts making sure it flowed.

We wanted to add the “The End” shot that we made with coffee granules at the end of the film. But unfortunately we couldn’t use it as the lighting was so dark on it and it just didn’t match the lighting throughout the film. We did try to stick it in at the end of the final cut film but it just didn’t look right. Although we did take a picture which is below:

Lights, Camera, Action!

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Today was the day of filming. We turnt up at 9am to set up the camera and lighting and also to change all the furnature around so it was appropriate for our set that we wanted. We also set out all the mise-en-scene. As the film is based on the girl we wanted the house to look as girly as possible, we knew that the house was very plain becuase we vewied it before hand (as you can see in the pictures in the previous post). We made it more girly by putting, candles, flowers, fashion magazines, small aunimenmts, blankets/throws and cusions.

It went really well but we didnt get all the shooting finished as we didnt realise how long it would take to set up etc. Also adjusting the lights in the correct position took up alot of time too as we had to keep moving them to get the correct lighting and shading that we wanted it.

Throughout the filming today, we filled in a camera sheet which involved every single shot, take and scene, this was important to do as when it comes to editing it will make it easier for me and tina to find out what shots was good or bad, and what shots to use. This saves us time, we can now just crack on with editing instead of waisting time trying to figure out what shots to use. Here is a PDF document of the first page of the camera sheet:

camera sheet 1

When i got home i went through some of the shots that was filmed to see if i could work with any of it and too make sure everything fitted together so when it came to edit the film it would looked as though it flowed and was just shots cut together. I noticed a few objects in the shot that shouldnt have been there, for exmaple:

  •  In one of the shots there was the other spare camera that we wasnt using at the time
  • Also there was the lighting stands in shot which was no good.
  • There was also some of the crew in the shot a few times.
  • Hoover and small objects in the way.

Its mad to think its the littlest things that are so inportant and make a big difference.

One big mistake that we done was not using the tri-pod, all the shots was very shakey and was not useable. There was no way i could have used any of the shakey camera shots in the final film. This also had to be re-done. Luckly it wasnt the shots with the big dramatic scenes so this was no problem to re-shoot.

I also noticed that we had broke the 180 degree rule, so as the director i wrote down some notes for the group to take on board. The notes were suggestions on a couple of scenes that i thought we should shoot agian. Here is my notes in which what shots i wanted re-done. (with a little bit of encouragement for the group at the end):


As we didnt get round to finishing the whole of the shooting we went back to shoot the rest of it. We also shoot the other scenes where the camera, crew ,objects and lighting was in the way. After this happening it made the whole of the group more aware to what was in shot throughout the shooting today. Everyone was good at pciking up on differnet objects that were in the shot. For example there was a pizza box and coke bottles by the bin, it was not there for mondays shooting, so we had to remove anything that we found that wasnt there before so it didnt look like we shot it on a different day. We wanted everything perfect. We also used the tri-pod more so the scenes looked more sterdy. I GUESS YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

We still carried on with the camera sheets, as it will be an adavantage when it comes to editing.

(The next day at univeristy we watched the clips back as me and Tina we wanted to start the editing. A BIG problem occured, all the lighting in scenes was very dark and you couldnt see the facial expressions on the characters face. We realised that we couldnt work with any of this, so as a group we decided to book more equipment out and re-film. Nothing was going to stop us making a top film. UNFORTUNATLY… all the lighting equipment was booked whoch we needed desperatly. Howvever… Fliss knew someone in the lighting bussiness and spoke to him about borrow a couple of sets of lights. As a group we spoke about splitting the money incase we needed to pay for the lights. Thankfully Fliss got us two sets of lighting for free! phew)!!



Everyone was stressted and fed up of filming today, but we had a problem, had to solve it and get on with it, we just wanted to get it over and done with. It only took us a few hours to re-do the scenes. We made sure we was on top of things and looked at all the shots we took before we left the house. We didnt want to come back and re-film so we looked while we was there, luckly we did this as some of the shots had lines through them so we had to re-film them, this wasnt a problem, we just re-solved them and got on with the next shot.

Again we still carried out the camera sheets. This was important to do.

I think the group has learnt alot through this process of filming and learnt that alot of mistakes can be made in the film industry, everyone learns from them.

Everyone was happy to see this finished!… Now to edit.




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Researching My Roles:

Being assigned the roles of The Director and the Editor i decided to research into what kind of responsibilities i will have to deal with. I looked on many websites to help me with this.


WHAT IS A DIRECTOR? – “Directors turn a script into a movie; they are responsible for the quality of the final product and its success. In most cases, directors work on films far longer than any actor, technician, or editor, from the first day of brainstorming to the final release; it is no wonder that directing is physically,mentally, and emotionally draining. Directors work with actors; makeup artists; cinematographers; writers; and film, sound, and lighting technicians. They determine all the particulars of how scenes are to be shot, from visual requirements to the placement of the actors and the appropriateness of the script. Directors cast actors who can bring their vision to the screen. Sound judgment and an open mind are important during these initial phases. A director guides actors to a greater understanding of their characters’ motivations and encourages them to perform at a high level—sometimes by gently cajoling and sometimes by yelling—anything to get the job done.”

These websites really helped me to understand what the directors role involves.

Now i understand that film directing is the most important and hardest jobs to do, i can see why. I know that im going to have to be bossy and demanding with what shots to do etc (my team mates will most proberbly get annoyed with me) but in the long run we will come back with an amazing film. There responsibilities seem never ending, all the information on the many websites that i found will stick in my head when were on set shooting, i can see that being hash and bossy will get the job done, and we can produce the best film.  ( i hope i get a dirctors chair like this picture below becuase its clear that there pretty inportant!!!!)


WHAT IS A FILM EDITOR? “Film editors assemble footage of feature films, television shows, documentaries, and industrials into a seamless end product. They manipulate plot, score, sound, and graphics to refine the overall story into a continuous and enjoyable whole”.

Again i looked on many websites to help me understand to role of an editor. Here are a few of the websites that i looked on to help me get to graps with the jobs that i need to enroll myself into:

Here is a youtube video that i came across whilst researching, it was very helpful and made me understand more what responsibilities a film editor involves. Here is the youtube link:

It is clear that this a pretty inportant job too, so both my roles that i have been given seem to be very inportant so it looks like i have to be on the ball and know exactly what im doing. I know that i can manage it as i have done film making in my previous studies. Here goes Film number 5!


As one of the responsibilites for the job of the director is to tell the actors where to stand/what to do next and what kind of camera shots to do, i decided to research different camera shot that i could use. I found some usefull websites which helped me understand how to make a good film with camera shots, so here are a few of the websites:

Here is a youtube video that i found very useful as it showed all the differnt kind of shots amd how to use them, i will most definatle keep this video in mind and go back to it whist shooting:


As prevouisly making films before hand i knew that there was a vital rule in filming that you have to stick to throughout the whole of shooting, this is the 180 degree rule. I found a very good youtube video which explained the 180 degree rule in much more depth. This rule will always stick in my mind whenever i do any kind of filmmaking as i know how important it is. Heres the link to the youtube video:


All films have there own production company names, so we thought why not? We might as well go all out and add the little effects which can create a big impact on the final piece. I decided to reseach a little  bit more into production logos, and how they make there logos appealing. Here is a collage that i made of famous production logos that i thought was inspiring:

I also researched how the logo appears on the screen at the very start of a film just to give me an idea of how we could introduce the production logo at the start of our film, and see how they make there logo appear and what kind of music they have to there logo. Here are a few youtube videos that i found of well know production company logos:

As a group we all came up with a production name, we wanted a name that had a meaning to it. We all came up with the name FUSION PRODUCTION. We looked on google to see if there was already a production company called “Fusion Production”, so unfotunatly we couldnt use this name, however we researched into “FUSION X PRODUCTION” to see weather this was exsistant, but i wasnt so thankfully we went for this production name.

WHY DID WE CHOOSE THIS NAME? We choose to call it “Fusion X Production as the definition of Fusion is the joining/combining together of something. We thought it was suitable as were combining camera shots together to make a short film. Here are the logo’s that Christina produced, we all decided to voted on everyones favourites, so here they are:

This is the one that won the vote, near enough everyone in our group wanted this one as the logo and i also asked othe rfamily members to see what on they thought was the best, the majority again chose the one below:


As our film is about coffee addiction i decided to reserarch weather people can get addicted to coffee etc. Here are some websites that i found quite interesting and i found things that we could consider putting in our film to make her addiction more realistic:

In these webistes i found out that a coffee and the start of a day can give you a rollercoaster day of high and lows. And can make you very tired. I think its important as the role of the directer to get to know the characters so i can put them in the correct positions and tell them how they need to act. This was very useful to research.


“Surrealism is a type of art when artists create dreamlike paintings especially nightmares filled with mysterious objects that have been oddly changed in ways you couldn’t see in reality. Salvador Dali is a famous Surrealist, who also created films about his life, and various other painting etc etc.”

Pre-production work

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Dean had to green-light our project (To green-light a project is to give permission or a go ahead to move forward with a project). He read through our script and felt that something was missing, and that the auidence would get confused about the letter that we was trying to show that was from her boyfriend. So this is when we decided to change a huge bit in the script so the stoyline would be more understandable to a certain extenet.

After all throwing ideas at each other and talking as a group we came up with a new idea, we all decided that we still wanted it to be based on the “Starbucks Coffee” idea. So Fliss went away to write up the new script.

Here is a PDF of the second Script:

Dreamy Paranoia PDF

We wanted to go for a surreal-dreamlike film. Which i know is going to be difficult to portray to the auidence, But we can only try our best.

Some of our idea’s that we really wanted to do we couldnt, as we was on a really really low-budget and couldnt afford the things that we wanted to do. We wanted to make it as werid (surreal like) as possible, so we wanted to use a coffee bean costume for the girls attacker, but unfortunatly researching into this we would of had to fork out £150 for the costume. However we then thought of making a costume but we then realised that we couldnt get anyone else to act for us so we kept it simple and went for the gang of coffee cups (which was still powerfull to use).

FINALLY… we got this script approved again.. so it was time to move on to the Pre-production work.

Creating films before i was confident with what i had to do for pre-production work, i knew that everyone else in the group didnt have a clue what i was going on about when i said to then that “we have to do pre-production work in order to start filming”, so i sat down and explained everything to them. I knew that without doing pre-production work it is impossible to create a good film, it also keeps everything and the group organised. Also on the day of shooting it helps alot as everything is planned so theres no standing around thinking what shots to use next, you can just crack on and get all the shooting done. So Pre-production work is very IMPORTANT!

What is Pre-Production?

I found this amazing website that explains everything in slideshows… This helped alot with knowing what kind of things are involved with filmmaking, (even the littlest things are so inportant).

Here is the link to the webiste:

I found this blog online which i thought was very interesting and helpful with knowing what to do in the production industry etc.

So researching whats involved in pre-production work, we had to crack on and get the below jobs done:

  • Casting
  • Storyboarding
  • Shooting sheldule
  • Script writing
  • equipment list
  • Contact List
  • Location Report


Christina’s sister was originally meant to be the actress for our film, but unfortunatly she couldnt do it as she had college on the day we wanted to start shooting and also worked on the rest of the days. However everyone in the group was too shy to do it, but Christina (the hero) stepped up and volenteered to act, as we was so desperate.

As Christina is the actress,This means she cant be the director so we had to change the roles around to this:

Myself: Director and Editor

Christina: Actress

Tina: Editor

Fliss: Camera operator/Scriptwriter

Dan: Camera assistant-lights

Storyboarding: This is a storyboard of the shots that are going to be taking on the day, It is so all the crew know exactly what shots to take on the day, instead of panicking they will know what there doing.

Christina took on the role of creating the storyboard as we all know that she was the best at illistartions. Here is the first page of the storyboard:

Equipment/prop list: This is a list of all the props and equipment needed on the day. This keeps everyone organised, and is there so noone forgets anything on the day of shooting. Here is a word document of the equipment and Prop list.


Conatact List: This is a list of all the cast and crew contact numbers and emails. Everyone in the group should have this so everyone can get hold of one another if need be. Here is a word document of the contact list.

Conatct List

Shooting Shedule: A shooting Shedule is a day to day plan of all the shots that need to be taking etc and where there going to be filming. This keeps everyone organised so the crew know exactly whats happening on the day. Here is the images of the shooting schedule that Fliss done.


Location Report: A location report is a short report of where the filming is going to take place and weather permission is permitted to film in that location etc. It also shows on the location report weather the place that you are filming in needs to be changed around to make the mise-en-scene more approriate for the film, again permission is permitted to be made for this by the owner of the property etc. Here is a word document of the Location Report:

Location Report

Vewing the location before shooting helped us alot with planning shots etc. Here is a slideshow of the pictures that we took of the house to help us remember the space that we had to work with:



I also made the “Starbucks promotion leaflet” which will appear throughout the film, Here is the leaflet, i manipulated some of the text and logos in photoshop so it was appropriate for our film, i done a few ideas with differnet colours to show the others what they thought stood out and looked better. However we are going for the one with the black writing as this stood out more:




Producing a Short Film

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For my second assignment  we have to produce a short 3 minuite narrative short film (not including credits) in groups.

In my group there is:

  • Christina Hart
  • Christina Reet
  • Fliss Newman
  • Daniel Sheen.

As we have quite a big group, Christina created a folder in “dropbox” where we can all put our work and share it with one another, This was a good idea as we can all access each others work/ideas etc. Also we have arranged to communicate on Facebook as we all live far away from each other, its the only way that we can all keep each other informed/update and get into contact with one other.

In lesson we sat in our group and brainstormed into different ideas that we all liked the thought of;

We was edging towards the genre of horror and the Starbucks coffee idea. The Starbucks coffee idea came from the previous assignment that i done for video and motion graphics, heres the Youtube link to my video:

Myself, Tina, Christina and Fliss (dan couldnt make it becuase he was seeing family) met up this morning to discuss ways that we could produce this into a structured storyline. This took us a few hours as we came up with not only the story line but camera shots and angles that we would want to use. It was important that we all had input with ideas to make the film as creative as possible. So meeting up was the best thing to do. We also assigned roles to each other so we all knew what we were doing on the day etc.

The roles of the group:

Myself: Editor

Christina Hart:Diector

Christina Reet: Editor

Fliss Newman: Camera Operator/Scriptwriter

Dan Sheen: Lighting Operator

Next thing was to write the script. The four of as rolled off ideas whilst Christina was writing it down, we done this as a ruff copy just to get to grips with what our film was going to involve, then filss took the role of re-writing the script to make it more in depth with detail.

Here is a PDF of the first script that Fliss wrote out in detail:

Unexpected Love

Now all we need to do is get the script approved by Dean.

As Fliss was writing the scipt, she also thought of the name for our film “Unexpected love”- This has came becuase the auidence doesnt know that her love and addiction is for coffee they just think her love is for her boyfriend.

Also here is the first draft of the storyboard for “unexpected love” drawn by Christina:

Taking Stock Images

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My next step was to take as many stock images untill i found the right image to use to my final piece. I took different images that could interpret me being in a winter environment. Overall i took about 100 pictures so i could have a variety to pick from but i had to narrow the pictures down to pick the best, here is a slide show of some of the images that i took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Flicking through and finalising my favourite ones, i came to the decision that i wanted to use one of these too.

I love the effect of my hair blowing about and that is the effect people would have when they are walking in a cold, windy environment. By making my hair blow i used a hair dryer. I got my mum to take the pictures of me and my dad to blow the hair dryer on my face. I really thought this was effect as it defiantly gave the representation of being out side in a cold environment.

I came to a finalised decision after asking family members opinions on out of which of these two photos should i use for the background image that i chosen. They all prefered the one with my eyes open because it felt to them that it was more realistic. This was the one i was planning to choose anyway, but i think second opinions always matters as you can see what other people think about the object.

So now i have my stock image sorted, next thing to do was to cut my image out with the pen tool. I knew how to do this as i had been taught in the lessons and it came to me fairly easy. After i had cut my image out i place it onto the winter background. I changed my background from landscape to portrait as i wanted mainly my face in focus and less of the background. I wanted people to see apart of the background but only so they could see the environment that i was in. Here my Image translated onto the winter background:

As you can see the colour of my skin tone is to dark and it doesn’t look as though im in a winter environment, so as a challenge i set upon making my skin tone lighter, so it would show i was in a cold place. I looked at many tutorials to teach myself how to do all the things i wanted to complete my photo manipulation. To change my skin tone to a pale colour i used tutorials such as this one;

This helped me a lot and by lightning the picture it showed that it really made a difference as now it looks realistic, as if im standing in that location. You can see this by the image below:

After i had done this i changed my eye colour to a sky blue colour, The reason for this is because when i researched objects that associate with winter and snow it came up with Husky dogs, and i automatically saw their bright blue eyes. I didn’t want my image to have any other objects in it, so  thought instead of having a husky dog in the background i am able to put a part of the dog in me. So i thought this was a fantastic idea and went along and changed the colour.

AGAIN, HOW DID YOU DO THIS? Well its simple, i looked at a few tutorial again so it could be explained in more detail for me. I simply used the colour replacement tool, and picked the colour that i wanted to change the object to. It’s as simple as that! Here is the tutorials that i used:

However if you notice in the images that i have cut out with the pen tool (above images of me) the strand of hair that is blowing above my head is missing. This was due to it being difficult to cut around neatly with the pen tool, so i had to cut it out to make it easier for me. However the amazing thing about Photoshop is that you can add all this back in. So to do this i added another layer mask and simply brushed the stands back in, then i replaced the first image with the image with the stand of hair as you can see below:

After i had done this i tried my best to make my face look as perfect as possible. By doing this i got rid of all my spots, freckles and marks on my face bu using the spot healing brush tool. To use this is simple you just click on the areas that you want to make clear.

Finally i had the hardest part was adding snow into my image to make it even more realistic. Below are some tutorials that helped me a lot to get this to work. This took me some time as i had to get it to a certain size in which i wanted my snowflakes. At times this was frustrating as i couldn’t get the sizes of snowflakes that i wanted but i eventually done achieved what i wanted.

Here is my finished product:

I have uploaded this onto so other people can see my work and how much effort i had put into this. Overall i really enjoyed making this image and i would happily do a photo manipulationagain. I hope that i can create something even better than this next time. I know that if i keep working hard then i know i can reach some of the standards of work that inspire me in which i have shown you on my other pages.

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