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The typography that i used throughout my web site and book was called Rough_Typewriter. I used this font as it suited my investigation file style as it was like an old typewriter style! The reason that I used this also was because when i researched i found that plenty of the examples had this type of writing, as shown below:


The Little details Make It!

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I also made my own FBI card to make the investigation as real as possible! So i researched into FBI card ID:






Book Cover

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I researched into investigation file book covers for my book and came across these for inspiration:


After researching different investigation topic books, i decided that i wanted my book to look identical to an investigation file… i wanted people to look at the book and be eager to pick it up and read it! But i didn’t want  to give away what the book was about by the front cover, i wanted my audience which is 14 and up to be intregreed and see whats inside!

So i looked at the kind of files i could use as my front cover!

I started to challenge myself on Photoshop to see what i could come up with, i definitely knew that i wanted my book cover to open/look like a file! This is when i came up with this……..

investigation behind sofa book


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I researched lots of backgrounds that i could use for my book and website so i looked realistic and like it was an investigation file, here is what i found:



By gathering all different ideas together, it made me come up with this one below. i created it in Photoshop:

Polaroid Pictures

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I wanted to make my images look as much like a police investigation photos as possible, I wanted to make my images look like they were taken as the photo below.

I found a fantastic tutorial to help me get a normal picture to look like a Polaroid one, it showed me how to change the colour of the image to make it look as old as possible, here’s the tutorial that i used:


I gave this ago and added paperclips to the Polaroid picture too to make it look more like it was from a police file investigation.

I sat there and thought it just doesn’t look investigation enough… so i added evidence over the top of the image.


Wait something was still missing… ah fingerprints!

So much better… I experimented by using my own fingerprints, i was a little bit silly and tried to do my fingerprint with perminate marker which i had to try to scrub off for days! Heres my attempt at fingerprints, the reason why i wanted to do it on myself was so it looked as realistic as possible:

I added the paperclip by simply cutting bits of the image of the paperclip on Photoshop to make it look as though it was hanging on from the picture. Simple!

Taking Pictures.

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Before i could take any pictures i needed POLICE TAPE!However my dads friend is a police officer and i got in contact with him and asked him if he could get me some police tape, i know that this is very hard to get as normally the police cannot give the line out for safety reasons!, fortunately he got me some, this made me very excited! here is the picture below!!!

My next step towards completing this assignment was to take pictures of different sofas, so i went to my two sisters house, my 2 bothers and my boyfriend’s house. I wanted to explore different sofas too see what kind of different things was learing behind them. Here are the pictures that i took:

Whilst i was at their houses i took pictures of what i found behind the back of there sofa’s, Are you sure you want to see………………..

Research and inspiration

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I done to research into police investigations and crime scenes to get ideas of what i could involve in my book and website.

I looked at fiction and fact websites to see how they set there websites out also to give me an idea, here are a few websites that i found very helpful:

The best website that i came across was the CSI website, it inspired me as it was so helpful as the series is fictional it gave me so many ideas which i could work upon. i liked the layout and the way it looks really dark like a crime scene.

Then i thought to myself what are the conventions of a crime scene investigation?:

  • forensic suites
  • investigation files
  • finger prints
  • coffee stains from the officer on paperwork
  • paperclip on the photograph
  • Polaroid photos
  • pin – ups of most wanted
  • profile of suspect
  • police tape

All these things above are what i am aiming to add in my website and book! i think the more stereotype my website/book is the better it will look!

I also researched into Confidential files and came across these pictures, these gave me inspiration for my book and website:


I noticed that all the confidential was written in the same type of writing and shown in red! So i knew that i was going to add this to my website and book!

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