Annotated image of how i created my final piece.

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I looked at alot of tutorials on the internet to help me produce my final peice. These always help me and are good to follow. So here are some tutorials that i used to help me produce my cover:

The many tutorials that i looked at helped me alot.



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Firstly i produced some ideas to help me decide which image of the main character that i was going to use, i felt that the main image was the most important part of this project. Here are some drafts of my drawing:

Then i looked at what kind of backgrounds that i could use, So i googled some backgrounds on the internet:

I decided that i wanted to use this image below as my background so i started to develop my magazine cover:

I really like this image that i traced myself, i wanted to use this in my final peice but when i was trying to produce the image it didnt quite match the background and it looked odd. Here it is:

So i carried on experimanting, Here are some more ideas that i started to produce:

I found this image on google and decided to play about with it as i thought it matched the background pretty well.

I really didnt like the cube as it looks like i had just shoved it in the picture and i couldnt find a good tutorial to make it look like it was co,ming out from the screen so i scrpaed this idea.

I love the necklace effect and am deffinatly keeping this (even though it took me ages to do) im not keen on the monster i feel as though its too much as takes away the main foucus of the main image. So scrapp this aswell!


This is my fianl image…. i felt this was the one. Less can be more sometimes and it hit me that i dont need no other image on the clover to make it look better.


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Possible images of the main character Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) that i am going to use:

I knew from the start that i wanted to have the train crash from the film in the background of the magazine cover as this was the main concept in the film. I decided to research train explosions/crashes to see what colours it involved etc to get ideas.

Heres some images that i found that inspired me to try and put it in my image:

This image above is a screem shot of the train crash from the film “Super 8”. Then i researched just any explosions to get an idea of even more colours i could use etc:


Therefore when i typed in explosion the obvious colours that came up was red/fire colours. So i knew that this had to be put into my final peice.


Choosing a Film

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The decision had now came to what film i was going to choose to produce the magazine cover.

I was swaying either towards “Super 8” or “The Black Swan”. However, i really liked the idea of the sci-fi action film “Super 8”,  although i had not seen the film i decided to buy it to see what kind of work i could produce and what ideas i could come up with.

Firstly i decided to look at some of the “Super 8” covers that had previously been made. I wasnt sure whether to have a look or not as i didn’t want to feel as though i was copying any idea, but i needed to look to get an idea of how to produce this magazine illustration. Here are the covers that i researched:

Research Into Little White Lies.

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As i am doing the Little while lies Brief i decided to research into a bit of background history:

What is Little White Lies magazine?

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly, British independent movie magazine that features writing, illustration and photography related to cinema. It is published by London-based creative agency The Church of London.

Previous Little white lies magazine covers:

By looking at previous covers, i knew exactly what the brief was asking, i wanted to produce a piece of work that was unique. By looking at all these examples of the magazine it is clear that they are all near enough from the shoulders up.

D&AD Brief

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We got a given several briefs of which we had to pick one of to complete.

At first my mind was set on doing the ministry of sound brief… The Instructions was to make three saturday session posters. So i decided to do a little bit of research into the ministry of sound and their posters:

What is the Ministry of sound?

Ministry Of Sound is a world-famous super-club that remains a stalwart of the London clubbing experience. With four bars, five separate rooms, three DJ booths and three huge dance-floors, Ministry of Sound is definitely one for the clubbing enthusiast.

Ministry of Sound Poster Research:

I researched some posters and the ones below are the images that i really liked the style of:

I started to produce an idea:

This is all i got up to as unfortunately i felt that i wasnt connecting with this brief so i decided to go through all the briefs again and finally came to another decision to do the little white lies brief. It only made sense as when i finish my degree i want to go into the film production industry and i had the opportunity to make a poster for a film magazine.

Designing brief

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As a group we got given a challenge to create our own brief, we all got given allocated sections to write about, mine was the bench mark, so here it is;

The Benchmark…

Below is the brief that has all the sections put together. So as a team we worked well together to create a brief;


Unfortunately we got told that we wasnt being specific enough and we needed to add more pictures etc. So we are now working on making the brief better so the designer can understand what we want them to design etc.

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