Essay Plan

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Before i even though about writing my essay i decided to do an essay plan as i know that doing this it will make it much easier for me when it comes to structing my essay. To me an essay plan is like an instruction guid you follow to compleate an essay. So here it is:





Research For “Dr.No and “Casino Royale”

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Next step towards compleating this essay is to research into depth of both films “Dr.No” and “Casino Royale”. I started by re-looking at the analysis of spider grams that i created:

By looking at this again it helped me decide what i needed to find out more about.

Gun Barrel scene:

Above is the actor Sean Connery in “Dr.No” in the famous Gun barrel sequence and below actor Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale”

Watching the films I noticed that Gun barrel scene happens in both “Dr.No” and “Casino Royale”. Here is a YouTube video that i found  where it shows the “Gun Barrel” scene in all the james bond films form 1962-2008  here the video:

I also found a few webistes to help me understand this sequence, heres the links to the sites which i found interesting:

However as i will explain in my essay there are very subtle differences within the sequence. The tradition shown in all of the Bond films where Bond walks on then shoots at the gun barrel has been changed so that in “Casino Royale” bond doesnt walk onto the scene, he is already on the scene but turns unexpentantly then shoots at the screen, it makes the auidence unaware that its about to happen as they always know the first sign of the gun barrel scenes.

“Coming out of water scene”:

Again this is in all 22 Bond films, but “Casino Royale” has shown this in a different way AGAIN!!! Instead of the tradinonal Bond girl coming up from the water in the famous bikinis they show Bond coming from the water in blue trunks. Heres some research i found, i looked into depth of the bond girls, there bikinis and the blue TRUNKS!!:



Heres the two mirrored images of the georgous ursela andres in her famous white bikini and Daniel Craig in his blue trunks:


The special and visual effects are very different in both films. This is because in Caino royale there was more money that could be spent on the prouction than back in the 60’s.

This youtube video link below that i researched says it all about the difference in special and visual effects, heres the link:!

Brainstorming Ideas for the comparision of two artefact’s essay.

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This terms essay is to study one contemporary and one historical artefact that can show similarities and differences.

First things first is to brainstorm what kind of subjects I could focus on and look more into depth at, I wrote down all the subjects that I would find interesting writing and researching about. Here is a brainstorm that I done to help me decide on a few ideas:

I put my thinking cap on throughout today and narrowed my decision down to two subjects. I really liked the idea of comparing non-liner editing to liner editing as editing is the career that I wont to take on when  i finish university, However i also loved the idea of comparing “Dr.No” (Young 1962) the very first James Bond film to “Casino Royale” (Campbell 2006) a latest Bond film.

I decided to go for the James Bond comparison as i felt there was so much to the film in which I could compare and show the differences. I also thought it would be fascinating to do a comparison of a film that was made over 40 years ago as it interests me how technology has changed over time.

Next things next…. Watch both films. I already luckily had “Casino Royale” on DVD so i didn’t need to worry about buying this film, However i didn’t have “Dr.No” and i knew that this would be very difficult to find as it is a very old film. I searched all around different shops, from HMV, to all the supermarkets, and none of them sold the film, i didn’t give up searching. I sat at home thinking where am i going to get the DVD from as i didn’t want to get it online as it said it was going to take 5-12 weeks to arrive. Furthermore, i remembered that there is a DVD rental shop in my village so i thought it was worth a try as i know previously he has sold some DVD’s in there. surprisingly he had “Dr.No” but unfortunately not to buy just to rent. So i asked him if he could do me a deal so i could keep it for a week. Generously he gave me the DVD for a week for £3-00 so i was so Happy!!!

Now to watch the films and analysis them! I spent the rest of the day watching both of the films really analysing them both and writing down as i went along the differences and similarities that i could see that would be appropriate to write in my essay. Here is my analysis in a spider diagram of both films:

Creating my Manifesto

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When I knew exactly what I was going to write in my manifesto I created an essay plan to help me structure my essay. This helped me loads as it allowed me to just write everything that I needed to without forgetting anything because I went back to the essay plan if I had forgotten what I was going to write next. I took a snap of my essay plan so here it is:

I also looked at many of Salvador Dali quotes that inspired me to work hard and achieve my ambitions. Here are a few that I LOVE!:

  • “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”Salvador Dali. (Salvador Dali and the
    surrealist, their lives and ideas. Pg. 22 Ross 2003)
  • “Those who do not want to imitate
    anything, produce nothing.”
    Salvador Dali.
  • “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”. – Harriet Tubman <- this is a fascinating article about Harriet Tubman. She is an inspirational and strong women. I saw this quote online and wanted to learn more about her as I knew she would be interesting by the quote she said. So this link tells all the information about her.

I also found a very inspiration quote that I will stick with throughout my life. I found it on this blog when I was searing the internet for surrealism and this blog popped up. There is also surreal paintings on this blog that I really enjoyed looking at. But here is the quote that I really liked:

This quote gives me courage to carry on with my university work and when im
struggling and feel the stress I will look at this quote and remind myself of why im there in the first place. Which is to get where I want to be in life.

Overall I really enjoyed creating my manifesto as it shocked me with how much I actually knew about surrealism and I made it so much easier for myself by planning well ahead I.E doing an essay plan. If I hadn’t done any research or planning i think i would have made it so much harder for myself and i would have forgotten to put important things in my essay.

Researching Surrealism

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To gain more knowledge in surrealism I researched more into the subject. I looked into the practitioners of surrealism such as Luis Bunuel, Salvador Dali, and Sigmund Freud. I watched a lot of documentaries about these practitioners to understand their theories and what they are all about. I had already knew some information about then due to studying them in A-level but I really wanted to get to know them more into depth. Here is the link from YouTube where I watched the documentaries:   <- this is the documentary about Sigmund Freud.  <- this is the main documentary that helped me understand the success of Salvador Dali. This man inspires me to be different. I really enjoy looking at his surreal paintings. Such as the ones below:


Researching Manifesto’s.

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First i was given a brief to write my own manifesto. I kept reading and reading through the brief to understand what i had to do. I first through “what on earth is a manifesto?”. So I thought the best way to go about this was to search the web to get a better understanding of what a manifesto is.  I found very useful websites that not only helped me understand what a manifesto is but how to write/start a manifesto. Thank God for the web!

Here are some links to a few of the websites that helped me: This website below had loads of information to help me with the manifesto, I found this the most useful website that I looked at because it showed me a few example of other people’s manifesto’s. <- here is another website that i also looked back on for help on my manifesto.

Then I looked at examples of many different manifesto so i could explore the different ways of how other people create their own manifestos. Here a few of the links to the manifestos that I found helpful.  <- this was my favorite website that I researched as it showed me a variety of manifestos, ranging from mini manifestos to long manifesto, and a huge range of different topics for the manifesto. It gave me more knowledge of what a manifesto is.

As soon as I got to grasped with what a manifesto was I started to plan out what I could write my manifesto about. I went away and thought about what is my ambitions in life and what do I want to achieve. So I slept on it. When I got up in the morning I thought of many different things that I could write my manifesto about i jotted down my ambitions and how I see my future turning out. Here is a diagram that I drew where I expanded on many ideas. I knew straight away that my manifesto was going to be film and media based as this is what I absolutely enjoy doing. Moreover, I always remember my dad quoting my throughout my life, “always do things that you enjoy doing” so I want my career to lead down the film production path as I really enjoy these types of subjects.

I have always loved the theories of surrealism as it interests me so much. This is when I realised that I could expand on my manifesto more by writing about my love for surrealist practitioners and films. Therefore I researched more into surrealism to remind myself of what I already knew as well as learning new theories etc. Also I studied this subject for my film studies A-level so I had already knew a fair bit about surrealism as I had notes from past classes so this was a huge advantage for me.

Again after knowing exactly what I wanted to write in my manifesto I drew a spider diagram and wrote down what I was going to put in my manifesto. This was another advantage as I knew exactly what I was going to write when it came to me producing my essay. Here is the diagram of the spider diagram that I drew: