Photoshop Complete.

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Yay I have finally finished my 3D landscape assignment. So proud with what has come out of it considering i didn’t even know how to use Houdini 3 months ago. I am ask very pleased with how i handled with all my work being deleted i was so near to giving up but i know that was just be the wrong thing to do. I used Photoshop to add birds with their shadows,a fence and the shadow, steam coming from the train and a little window for the boat. I did not put leaves on my tree as i wanted it to be set in the Autumn Time.


DISADVANTAGES are that when i went to add specs of grass it completely ruined the image so i thought i would leave it. It over done it a lot and i know that less is more sometimes. However i am so happy with the outcome and the steps it took to make ethos has really shown its efforts! Also i know that my image doesn’t look exactly like “Gemerly the boat” but this was my inspiration! I knew i would never be able to match that exactly, I need to practice and practice, however frustrating Houdini may be i still need lots more time on it to get better.

Here is the final image: (yaaaay)




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Right so all rendering is completed, it was very simple i thought it would be harder than that! All i had to do was make sure is that i matte some objects together. Now to photoshop.

Nearly There!!!

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Today i spoke to Pete about what i had archived so far and whether he could sort my problems out. First of all we sorted out the modelling of my boat as it was all over the place, although i didn’t do a bad job. Then we added a wood texture to the boat to make it more realistic and also added shaders on the box and tube of the boat. Right the lighting that i had done was all over the place so Pete helped me place it in a more appropriate way! Unfortunately Pete said that if i used fur for my grass that it would bring the main focus to the grass than the boat, also if i added fur then it would take the cartoon look out of the picture. So looking at other cartoon grass i see that they have added specs of grass like so:










So after researching i decided to add the grass in photoshop, Also another problem with the grass the heels was too spikey so we changed the to more rounded. And we are done!! All i need to do is render and get photoshopping.



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I  have now finished my modelling etc after all that hassle. All i need to do now is get Pete to have a quick look at it and help me as when i tried to put the fur on my grass it kept coming up with an error saying there was no image. So i need help with this and need help with putting shaders on a few things. Pete is the guy to talk to. Below is an image of how it comes up when i try adding my fur:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 19.20.00

I also added lighting, which was a success, However i need to talk to Pete about this to as I’m still very unsure!

I also added a tree in my landscape this was very easy as well, all i had to do was this below. For the texture i got a wood texture of a tree off of deviant art and placed it to perform around the tree:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 19.22.57





Here is my Houdini section of my assignment below it still needs bits adding to it in photoshop and then to be rendered out, However before all this proceeds i need to talk to Pete to see if he can help me with the above problems:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 19.28.51


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Yes its a fresh day, so I’m going to crack on and try and get this all done at the weekend. Im having to come into university to do it all again! I CAN DO THIS!!!


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I have LOST all my work for 3D, I went onto Houdini it was all fine then Houdini decided to crash on me and everything that i had worked on i  lost! This made me so stressed as i have 7days till the deadline! I emailed Pete and he was really nice about it and made me feel more confident! I also got told that all my work i had done on my laptop at home wouldn’t work at the university. So I had waisted all that time doing work at home when i couldn’t even upload it on the uni computers to Render! AHHHHH too stressed!!!!!!!!!!! I need some sleep and to stop worrying, as Pete said he will help me on Monday! But i always worry and i can’t help that!!! Just more work for me, It’s so frustrating because i had worked so hard on that. Never mind time to brush it away and try the best i can to get my work the same way it was.


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Creating my grass was one of the easiest things i think. There was no tutorials on this in which i found, so i knew that a couple of people in my class had managed to do grass so i asked them how they done it. This was so much help to me as i was getting stressed out because i couldn’t find how to do this. So cheers classmates. All i had to do to create the model of the crass was use a grid, colour and mountain sop, However I do need to add fur to this to make it look more like grass:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 18.56.19

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