As a part of my project i have to be given a interview where the questions/ setting will be exactly how it would be if i was to have a real interview in a design company. Yes this was pretty nerve wrecking.

My set date for my intervewiw is that 10th December, so from now to then i decided to research and be prepared for what the interview may entail.

Below are some website that i came across whislt reaching into what kind of questions a design company may ask me at an interview:

It was important for me to be prepared and ready for this interview so research was important for me seeing as i had never been in this situation before (well going for a design job) Ive had interveiws but obviously before them i done research into the company etc.

Getting prepared for my interview i had to create a portfolio so the interviewer can see the design work that i have produced. I also had to take a CV and cover letter with me.