I have really been thinking about the style of my film and i know that this needs to be a strong decision as soon as possible as filming dates are getting closer. Going back to having the background in cartoon for my superhero film i looked at the style of the children’s television programme “Lazy Town”. It shows a real person within a cartoon background. Why did this catch my eye? Well as i have many nieces and nephews when i was round there house they had this on the telly, It caught my eye as it was so colourful and looked like a style that could really fit into my film/ style that i want. This is something that i really want to experiment with and see how it works. Ahhh so many different ideas, and choices but so little time to make my mind up! Here is an image and short video clip from lazy town to give you the sense of style that i mean, Plus “Lazy Town” is all to do with a superhero Bonus it gave me a chance to see different programs to do with super heros form different perspectives!: