I have been looking at different styles on which i can create my video, i defiantly want live action but i also thought of putting animated characters into it as i think it makes it look more fun,  just like the ones they use in Tracy Beaker and Lizzie Mcguire here is some examples that i mean below:

In the video it starts at 15 seconds in:


In this video below it starts at 3.22:



Or i could have live action with his costume as its drawn over him etc, i think these could both work really well as they show realist and non existent world. I would need to really research into how they connect these animated and cartoon characters together to make it match, I want it to look like its meant to be there not that i have just stuck an animated character in the shots. I need to double think about whether i will stick to live action or add animated characters to the live action.