I had my nephew stay round my house over the weekend so this was a great opportunity to talk to him about whats going to happen and plan it with him.

I asked him some questions that i felt would really help me here are the questions and his answers that he gave me:

If you was a superhero what superpowers would you like to have?

  • heat vision 
  • laser vision
  • fly
  • breath out ice
  • be really strong with super strength
  • hands can make fire
  • change into different people
  • eagle vision (see things from far away)

What colour would you want your superhero costume to be?

  • blue, red, yellow with a cape 

When you hear the word superhero what do you think of?

  • superman
  • bat-cave
  • big house

I also asked Billy to draw a picture of what he would like himself to look like as a superhero. He drew me a before and after (him turning into a superhero) here are the images that he drew:

photo 1

photo 2