Today we looked deep into matte paintings and how and why they are used in films? Matte paintings are used because sometimes it is not possible to film on/in a location where you want to film, also it may be a massive budget for them to be able to film on the location. Therefore it is more practicable for them to do it digitally  as the director can have more of a say and is able to state what he wants and where he wants it. For example if you was to film on location and there was a mountain in the way and you did not want it there you would not be able to rub it out to put something else it its place, whereas the advantage in matte pointing you can do this! Thank the lord for technology!!! So the three points are:

  • practicability
  • cost
  • possibility

Simon showed us some videos so we would understand more about matte painting here is the videos that he showed us:

Simon gave us a task of to create our own matte painting in Photoshop, we also had the chance to use Wacom tablets. We had to make a scene of anything that we wanted. Simon told us that we had to plan this out before we even thought of opening Photoshop.

At first i looked at matte paintings on google to see what kind of scene inspired me so i could produce something that i was interested in, this makes it more fun. Here is the paintings that inspired me:

Dubrovnik Matte Painting


Cityscape matte painting



Here is an image of my plan of how i want my matte painting to look:


Here is my final matte painting, actually really proud of this:


Wow, what a difference here is the before and after image that i used for my matte painting:


Then i put my image into after effects and put a zoom in camera on it, it makes it look like its meant to be for an opening of a film and the next shot should be inside the city! However the quality is so rubbish maybe because the image isn’t high enough-resolution, this is something i may have to ask Simon because i have tried everything it may just be a simple thing i need to fix in the render settings, it looks okay in after effects still pleased with this though.Here it is: