I had a quick chat with Simon today about my ideas for my assignment, I explained to him my three main ideas that i liked:

  • A pill with powers, like the film “limitless”
  • A kid with superhero powers
  • A boy jumping in a games console as if he’s in the game.

He really liked them all but explained to me what would be hard and what would work, Im up for a challenge as always but i know that i need to be realistic about it so i can create something amazing. So i have ticked “the boy jumping into a games console as if he’s in the game” out of my list, I loved the concept though as it was very strong:


  • A pill with powers, like the film “limitless”
  • A kid with superhero powers
  • A boy jumping in a games console as if he’s in the game.

Now to plan to see which one of my other ideas will work for me and give me more of an opportunity to show what i can do in my assignment:

  • pill with powers, like the film “limitless”


  • In this film its like they are showing “two different worlds” as when he takes the pill the colour changes into a brighter light, This is something that i can show in my piece if i was going to attempt to do this concept.
  • I can use good visual effects


  • This has already been done so i will have to try very hard to try to make it my own, This is a massive challenge for me. 

Quick plan of what it may include:

What does the pill do? = This pill will give powers to whoever takes it, it will make you advanced at anything and very strong.

what powered does it give?= It makes you stronger, more advanced, makes you see from miles and miles away, can make you see into the future, fly etc. Basically can make you do anything a superhero can.

Still i keep reflecting back on the film when i shouldn’t i should be concentrating on creating it my own but i just keep referring to the film, This is why my head is leading towards “a kid with superhero powers”.

Plan B:

“a kid with superhero powers”.

I absolutely love this idea i think my heart was going towards this one as soon as i thought of the idea.

I have my actor planned already, I going to use my little nephew Billy as my superhero, He is 10 years old and we are very close, we get on very well which is why i choose him to be my main actor.

I want this all to come form a kids point of view so I’m going to ask billy a few questions to help me create my short film. I will need to do a mini questionnaire for him.

I also need to plan a storyboard and a script but i can’t do that unit ill i have sorted out the questions for Billy. So excited about this.

I have just brought a green screen set with lighting etc which i will defiantly need for this project. I never used a green screen before so this should be a challenge for me, I have researched a tad into this, but will research more into it so i can get a better quality piece out of this. I have seen a few books on amazon about green screens which i want to buy, i think this will help me greatly!