Peter Chang- bracelet 2007-2008

Peter Chang is a sculptor; complex brightly coloured pieces which can be worn or can simply exist as objects in their own right.  He uses various coloured plastics, such as acrylic and PVC, to create jewellery and furniture, and is influenced by nature, organic and enigmatic forms.

What is it= bracelet

Where is the piece worn? on the wrist

Unknown fact= Chang cites his chinese heritage as a theme in his artwork. He uses the balance of good and pure evil in his Frankensteinian/sci-fi forms. Many of the surrealist pieces he encountered working under Hayter at Atelier 17 had an influence on Chang’s work. His modern style reflects marine life with their colours and dirty form. He is inspired by different types of alien life, such as mars.

Materials used= Resin,acrylic, silver.

Treatment and process=  he starts with a polystyrene base that he carves into shape. He then covers the surface using mosaic and lacquer techniques, faceting and tweezering tiny pieces of coloured acrylic into position. He then paints on layers of resin to make it shiny.

Original use for materials=

  • Resin- is used for many things, vanishing furniture it is a thick liquids that harden into transparent solids.
  • Acrylic- fake fingernails, doors, paints, furniture, the list goes on.
  • Silver- jewellery, coins, electronic items, table- were ournaments