Lisa Walker- Necklace 2009

What is it: This is a necklace.

Where is the piece worn: around the neck

Unknown fact:  Lisa does not buy materials for a piece. She is a junk lady, who constantly gathers everything that has a good color, an ugly shape, that looks cheap, that shines, that is flexible, or the opposite – almost impossible to handle. But she can see the beauty in all that stuff and is able to tell stories in their combinations.”

Materials used: Plastic and thread.

Treatment and process: I believe that she would have had to drill a whole in the little plastic men figures and pull them through the thread maybe they are even welded together

Original use for materials:

  • Plastic= this is used in endless products and items such as household items, toys, packaging, clothing, jewellery the list goes on.
  • Thread= mainly clothing, as it is stretchy.