To get us started today we had to read the new module handbook and assignment brief. After this we look at many ways filming footage can be manipulated. The brief explained that we should add visual effects and colour grading etc which we will learn this term. It basically explains that we have to put everything we have learnt in the past 1 year and a half into a 30-60 second film.

We spoke as a group about our assignment and the different things we can add to them:

  • Matte Painting
  • normal live shooting
  • Green screens

Simon explained that in our films we are not allowed any guns, and excessive gore.

We also spoke about Compositing? what is this? = Compositing is everything that fits together. The way it is put together.

Different types of compositing:

  • Digital Compositing= Involves arrangement of footage/ images to make a final film.

Here is a range of videos that i found of how digital compositing is put together, this was very interesting.

Wow some of these videos on how they put the composites together are beyond belief, so so clever how they do it. Hopefully i can be as good as this one day!!

  • Physical compositing = In physical compositing the separate parts of the image are placed together in the photographic frame and recorded in a single exposure. The components are aligned so that they give the appearance of a single image. The most common physical compositing elements are partial models and glass paintings.
  • Multiple exposures= Multiple exposure is exactly what the name suggests, exposing film more than once to form multiple images in a frame. This will create superimposed images that can create ghostly effects or add objects that were not original there. It can also be used to capture a succession of movement in a single frame

Here are some images that i found of examples of physical composing:





And i watched a video called “The world of Matte painting Very interesting and helpful to watch:

Modern day physical compositing.

Simon showed us all an image today that was very interesting to see, he showed us an image from the film elf and how it is put together by camera tricking. Camera tricking is something that looks (real) like it’s there when it’s not, some sets would have to be built in order to do it – like this one below. Here is the image below he showed us:


Simon explained that this is a kids leg dangling over a chair with the man standing behind the legs. Yes very clever as i would never have known if it wasn’t mentioned!

Here is some images that i found, these images are building things out of proportion, it is seen in many films. Here are the images i gathered together:






I found this silly video of how easily this can be done, the clip is at the end of the video. It shows how simple you can make it.

Then we looked at Stage Projection= This is live motion graphics on a stage production in a theatre, everyone gets a complete view but not the same. Here are some images of stage projection that i came across:




In Front of the subject shot: Models painted on a glass plate that are in front of the main focus subject like these images below:




I lernt so much today and has increased my knowledge that tad more!