Yay I have finally finished my 3D landscape assignment. So proud with what has come out of it considering i didn’t even know how to use Houdini 3 months ago. I am ask very pleased with how i handled with all my work being deleted i was so near to giving up but i know that was just be the wrong thing to do. I used Photoshop to add birds with their shadows,a fence and the shadow, steam coming from the train and a little window for the boat. I did not put leaves on my tree as i wanted it to be set in the Autumn Time.


DISADVANTAGES are that when i went to add specs of grass it completely ruined the image so i thought i would leave it. It over done it a lot and i know that less is more sometimes. However i am so happy with the outcome and the steps it took to make ethos has really shown its efforts! Also i know that my image doesn’t look exactly like “Gemerly the boat” but this was my inspiration! I knew i would never be able to match that exactly, I need to practice and practice, however frustrating Houdini may be i still need lots more time on it to get better.

Here is the final image: (yaaaay)