I really wanted to use some bats flying out of my tunnel towards the camera, But unfortunately i was unable to do this. I really did try by using the puppet pin tool but i was awful at re-shaping the object. This is defiantly something i want to learn more about and practice it is on my tick list to practise this more as i know i will be needed this for a lot of projects. I also did try to use sparks coming off of the tracks but i asked a couple of people what they thought and the said that i done the sparks really well but it just looked out-of-place as the roller coaster cart was in a POV shot and the sparks would normally be seen at the end of the tracks after a roller coaster has gone past. I did experiment with a lot of particle system objects such as fire but again i could not place it where it looked appropriate. This is when i knew that it was not needed and that i was trying to hard to put more and more VFX in my project. Now i know that less is more sometimes.