Today i spoke to Pete about what i had archived so far and whether he could sort my problems out. First of all we sorted out the modelling of my boat as it was all over the place, although i didn’t do a bad job. Then we added a wood texture to the boat to make it more realistic and also added shaders on the box and tube of the boat. Right the lighting that i had done was all over the place so Pete helped me place it in a more appropriate way! Unfortunately Pete said that if i used fur for my grass that it would bring the main focus to the grass than the boat, also if i added fur then it would take the cartoon look out of the picture. So looking at other cartoon grass i see that they have added specs of grass like so:










So after researching i decided to add the grass in photoshop, Also another problem with the grass the heels was too spikey so we changed the to more rounded. And we are done!! All i need to do is render and get photoshopping.