I have LOST all my work for 3D, I went onto Houdini it was all fine then Houdini decided to crash on me and everything that i had worked on i  lost! This made me so stressed as i have 7days till the deadline! I emailed Pete and he was really nice about it and made me feel more confident! I also got told that all my work i had done on my laptop at home wouldn’t work at the university. So I had waisted all that time doing work at home when i couldn’t even upload it on the uni computers to Render! AHHHHH too stressed!!!!!!!!!!! I need some sleep and to stop worrying, as Pete said he will help me on Monday! But i always worry and i can’t help that!!! Just more work for me, It’s so frustrating because i had worked so hard on that. Never mind time to brush it away and try the best i can to get my work the same way it was.