Today we got given an individual task to pick 3 strong concepts from our massive brainstorm  that we produced last week and expand off of them with different ideas.

This image below shows what each of us in the group came up with:


We Then got back into our group and compared what we had written. This was kind of the same thing that we had written. Now we had to choose 3 concepts again and expand on them as a group.

Here are the concepts that we chose to focus on:

  • Location
  • Novels
  • Victorian

Here is a picture that i took of us all working as a group:


We all worked so hard at this and it wasn’t easy, Here is our final brainstorm:




We then had to narrow it down and pick two concepts to play about with and discuss. so here they are:

1. Characters

Characters is about the real life people that were written in Dickens novels reflecting from his own life. Every character has their own story and reflects an aspect of Dickens life.

2. Public Speaking 

How was Dickens work shared? through public speaking. Public speaking was a huge part of Dickens life and he made a lot of money from it. He would write a book and then publicly speak it to thousands of people to share his novels.