Jaded-ink is from the united states and has nothing but love for the dark side. zombies, demons, vampires. I found all her art on Devinatart.

Love this artist and how they really show horror to an audience. She takes a real person and creates them into a character that you would expect to see in Dawn of the dead or something like that. All her work is so gory which also made me want to go down this route as this will be different for me as i have never really attempted anything like this before. Here are some of the images that has inspired me to pick this artist.

elegance_by_jaded_ink-d3303m0 skin_deep_by_jaded_ink-d2ywh5b under_the_skin_by_jaded_ink-d3gazui vacant_visionary_by_jaded_ink-d3hco9m _______by_jaded_ink-d3kgo0y she__s_rotten_to_the_core____by_jaded_ink-d4962hb the_other_side_by_jaded_ink-d4e06c4 le_baiser_de_vampire_by_jaded_ink-d4eajyz elegance_by_jaded_ink-d3303m0 holding_it_together_by_jaded_ink-d4y5a3d happy_valentines_day_____by_jaded_ink-d4lt87m