So that’s us done, we completed the presentation. I believe myself Rahul, Zoe, Emily and Rachael done extremely well, better than i thought we would. We all seemed pretty confident and very eager which is how we wanted to come across. It was an experience pitching in front of a real client as it showed me how it would feel if i was to do something like this in the big wide industry.

I have really enjoyed working with these four people as we have bonded quite well, we all got on well and listened to each others opinions and debates. The Facebook group has help hugely with communication. Thank god for social network sites! Even though Emily joined us at a late stage we welcomed her and it felt as if she had been in our group from the start. She really put effort into our group considering what happened in the other group. Even though Rage left our agency it did put a little bit of a downer on the group but we picked our self’s up and got on with it, as this is what we would have had to do in the industry. We got our heads down and forgot about the situation that went on, which was a professional way of dealing with this.

I absolutely enjoyed this task as it gave me more experience and that little bit extra confidence, however most of all it was FUN to do which is the main thing! I am looking forward to the next and many more!