After work today i headed down to the shop called “The Range”, I knew that they would have all the arts and craft equipment that i needed, plus it is cheap in there.

Whilst at the shop i brought:

  • 2x rolling pins
  • brown acrylic paint
  • Brown ribbon
  • a3 card. ( i knew card would be better than paper as it is thicker and would be able to hold the heavy rolling pins).

Altogether this came to £9.25.

When i got home from the shop i sat down at my desk and thought for a few seconds and planned out how i was going to create my scroll.

  1. I glued 3 A3 sheets of paper together to get a large sheet which would be long enough to roll the rolling pins into.
  2. I then again rubbed teabags onto the paper to make it look Victorian and old ( i used 25 teabags to do this i think i owe my mum and dad a bag of teabags, or i have a lot of tea making to make up for wasting all them teabags):

3.  I then waited for the paper to dry, when it was i started to burn the piece of card to make it look very old and worn out:

4. I then varnished the rolling pins with brown acrylic paint so that it would still have the wood effect. I was going to paint it but then my brother who is a french polisher stopped me and showed me how i could keep the wood effect, He really helped me out with this bit. He got an old rag and watered down the paint he then dipped the rag in the paint and rubbed it onto the rolling-pin, it gave a brilliant effect and this was the outcome:

5. I then let everything dry. Then once everything was dry i then rolled up the tips of the card in the rolling pin and stuck it down with Sellotape and the wood glue to give it a firm hold! I also dipped some ribbon into the paint to make it look a darker brown and also more old. Here is my finished out come, I ma so proud of myself. It took me overall 2-3 hours to make. aI was exhausted afterwards but well worth it: