We decide that we needed so many more images that what we already had to help us research more, so we contacted our client Lee again and asked if we could come back and take some images as last time we vitiated we wasn’t allowed to take any photography due to copyright. Luckly Lee gave us the option to come back to the mususm to take more images. Unfortunatly i was working all weekend and Lee explained that they was only open for the weekend, therefore Emily volunteered to go to the mususm by herself (even though she was poorly) and take some images for us all, so here are some that she took:

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Whilst Emily was at the museum we asked her to do further research into the client, here is what she found out:

Below is some client research that Emily has done, this is extremely useful information for us.

After putting some questions to the client there were some important consideration which we had to consider before moving on with the project. The client informed us that the Dickens House Museum is one of three official museums in the world, and therefore boasts a vast amount of visitors from all around the world. Also the history behind the museum was a very important aspect, as it is one of its defining and unique qualities. It is where Dickens based the character Miss Betsy Trotwood, from the novel David Copperfield, on the original Dickens House Museum’s owner Miss Mary Pearson Strong. This is a very important aspect to the museum, especially as we were told that David Copperfield is believed to be a largely autobiographical novel on Dickens. Also the location of the museum is also very important, as Broadstairs was an enjoyable place for Dickens in which he spent much of his time visiting the place. We thought this was all information which was vital to highlight the importance and significance of the museum.

There are also a few points which we wanted to make clear:

The brochure is to be specifically designed for the museums’ 40th anniversary and must include information about the museum

History of the House

Who they are

The brochure is a keepsake item

The budget is unknown for the brochure (we don’t want to produce anything too extravagant, in case it would be infeasible to produce)