Unfortunately i have been given some bad news tonight that Rage is leaving our agency and is going to form a group at pixel link! His reasons were because of work dedication at Teco. But this leaves us stuck as rage was our web designer and had started to create our website. However pixel link have done something absolutely disgusting and kicked one of them team members out which is “Emily Vella” because apparently so she wasn’t communicating or doing any work. This is very unfair as it is clear to me that the reason she got kicked out was to make space for Rage to enter into their group. However, Emily is now continuing into our group. We have now got to make a new website, edit all our work so it doesn’t have Rages name on it. As a group we feel very let down about this but it is now time to stand up tall and carry on with our agency creating fantastic work, whats done is done and there’s nothing more that needs to be said.