I started to research into theme parks, what there logos are like, what their horror rides are like and what makes then scary?

Heres a few logos that i researched into to get an idea of how i could produce my logo. Some you may recognise:

I then brainstormed a few idea of what i could call my theme park, here are a few ideas:

  • Thrill Towers
  • Horrorville Theme Park
  • Horror City Theme Park
  • House Of Horror
  • Scream Theme Park

I went for Horrorville Theme Park as i thought it sounded the best and was catchy!

Here is my very quick logo that i done it needs a lot of work to it! But was just a quick idea of what i could do:







I alo need a name for my ride at the theme park, i thought of a few to get ideas such as:

  • steam train of horror
  • horror tunnel
  • terror tunnel
  • tunnel of terror
  • Route 666

My favourite ride name was tunnel terror, it sounds frightening but mysterious for the audience who will want to experience whats inside the terror tunnel.