I have been thinking all day and decided that i want to do my landscape on my dads friends book called “Gemerly the boat”. Its a children’s book aged from about 5-11 years old. He has a few other books too but i really want to do my landscape in a lake/river so i can use the water as reflection etc and really show my knowledge (what i have learnt so far) in Houdini. The lighting in the landscape will be very bright as its a fun children’s book. I really want the small details to stand out like the smoke on the boat etc.

Things i want to involve in my landscape:

  • The boat to have smoke coming from the roof
  • the boat to leave a trail on the water (as if its moving)
  • waves splashing about from different directions.

Here is an image of Robert Walkers book and a scene from the book that i wish to base my 3D landscape within: