We had to do a group presentation for our agency, to decide who we are, what we do and why? we created a mini presentation where we all wrote a section each and put the presentation together, i created the philosophy, here is our presentation:


Feed back from our presentations:

We was told by kate that we had to change the name of our agency as she said we was bring to communicate coming together as a family but we have sold ourselves as ‘5creations’ where she explained that it seems that we come across like we are 5 different people creating 5 different tasks (however i think this is what she meant). Therefore we had to change our name we had an option of two:

  • 5 creatives
  • 5 creators

We all decided on 5 creatives as it sounded better and more professional. Apart from that Everything else seemed to be excellent in our presentation, However we also had to change the name of our logo: