Thinking about my idea throughout the week i decided to change it… Instead of using a car and doing a car advert, i am going to use a train. I am going to film a train going under and out of a tunnel. I am going to try to digitally make the sound lights, flashing of the tunnel look realistic. However i want to make the tunnel look like some kind of horror place as if its a nightmare, i want to make my clip very surreal. Then when the train comes out of tunnel its a world of chocolate, sweets and cakes. So it will be quite a surreal clip.

I looked at clips of trains going trough a tunnel to get some kind of idea of how i am going to produce my clip:

What scares me?

I then thought what scares me that would scare other people/ my auidence?

i looked on google and here are a few pictures that i would like to put in the tunnel:

Clown evil