I jotted down a few pointers that needed to be included in the philosophy:

  • perfectionists: we all work closely with others to produce what the clients want
  • we have a broad selection of designers, web, video, graphics and photography
  • Vision- we are up to date with the latest media and technology
  • Honesty_ our first concern is our clients.

Our philosophy..

5 Creations Agency was formed by five students; Rahul Patel, Rage Brahimi, Zoe Todd, Siobhan Whittington and Rachel Philogene in 2012, all studying together at Canterbury Christ Church University, Broadstairs.

The agency has a broad selection of designers, which specialise in advertisement, branding, web design, videography and photography. At 5 Creations our main priority is our client and what they want. By linking our imaginations with new ideas and concepts, we focus on making people’s dreams come to reality with our astonishing work using the latest technology.

We are all perfectionists which is why our work is always completed with precision. It’s about how we can work as a team in challenging situations and deliver unique designs.

We believe we have the best for the best.

Although our team consists of designers in many areas, we believe it was important to have members who all have a different ‘Team Role’.

Rahul Patel, photographer and Graphic Designer (Pablo Piccaso), is an enthuasiastic team member, who we already know is ideal for a ‘Resource Investigator’. He has a strong ability to explore opportunities, but his strong point is his ability to develop contacts.

Siobhan Whittington, Video Motion Designer (Albert Einstein), is a team worker.  She is very co-operatives, listens to other’s idea & likes to engage with others by voicing her opinion to help the team.

Zoe Todd, Digital Artist & Graphic Designer, is a creative designer who is thoughtful with her ideas thus allowing her to contribute fantastic ideas to the team. Zoe is essential for our group as she is ‘The Plant’ and effectively can help the team make things happen with her ideas.

Rage Brahimi, Web Designer, is a Shaper. Although he works well with a group, he at times is challenging because his intentions are solely to make the group succeed, which at times comes across provocative. This type of designer can help the group remain motivated and have a member to rely on.

Rachel Philogene, Illustrator, perfectionist on all what she does. She is inspired by other artists, but creative in transforming it to her own work. Her inspiration from others help us enhance our own ideas. Also, she is a great team-work