I have chosen to be in a group with Rahul, Rage and Zoe.

We had to come up with an agency name, a philosophy ( what we will give to the client), decide who is doing what etc.

We  made a Facebook group so that w could all communicate and contact each other when needed.

Me and Rage met up and went to the library whilst the others had an other lecture to discuss the philosophy and come up with an agency name.

Here is some names that some of us came up with:

  • Ofour designs
  • Fluid desgins
  • 4sight designs
  • 4creations

Unfortunaly fluid designs and four crations is already design companies so we couldn’t use these. So we all decide on the name 4Creations. Today in our lesson Rachael approached us explaining that she did not have a group/agency to join and asks weather she could join us, we said YES! Therefore we had to change our name to 5Creations which was not a problem at all.