Researching into getting ideas has really helped me discover what kind of effects/narrative i want to produce. The video below was the one that gave me insipration, so i am going to try and produce someting similar like this but make it my compleatly own.

My Idea:

I am going to film a motorway just like this one above, However i want to change and cut out nearly all the motorway and replace it with a typical american street. I then want to make the world look compleatly empty as if aliens/zombies have attacked the earth. My aim is to make my auidence feel empty inside whilst watching the car along in the street. Then as we see the car driving through the empty street I want the road to shake and gradually fall into peices of debrey where there is no road left, Just the car trying to chase away from the cracking/dismantling road. Therefore my reason for making this is that it would be like a car advert, explaining that the car is fast, tough and can get away from anything. Just basically trying to sell the car by bigging it up. I know that this task will be a chalange for me but i am willing to take a chance and go for it becuase i know i can archive something like this.

First step was to look at car adverts and how they portray the car:

Examples i found of how i want my adevert to become, what kind of things i want to add etc…still images of earthquakes, roads dismantling and american streets:

My next task was to watch a few films which shows a sense of emptyness. So i sat down and watched clips from “I am legend” and “28 days later”, Just so i could get the feel of how to make a steet feel empty and how it connects with the auidence. Here are a few still images from the film:


“28 Days Later”