I was looking through the web and came across all different mash-up that i can do, from web mashup, to music mash-up, to movie mash-up to a poster mash-up. I wanted to research into all areas to give me better knowledge of what i would like to do my mash-up on.

Research on music mashup:

I found this website with loads of different music mashed up from the charts. http://www.mashup-charts.com/

Here are a few video that i found on YouTube that i really liked:

Research on web mash ups:

I found a really useful website with all information into how to create your own web mashup (website link below), this is defiantly not something that i would want to do but was useful to see how it works.


Research on movie mash ups:

This is what I’m interested in doing as i am a video and motion graphics student, this will be interesting to see how it all works. Here are a few videos that i saw which gave me a bit of inspiration:

All these video are amazing. It’s a genius how a simple voice over and change in music can make a happy film so scary. Love it!

Research into poster mash ups:

Some of these mashups below are hilarious, again this is definiatly the root that i wants to go down!




tinkerbell_1488460i star-wars-movie-poster-mash-ups-11-pics_1 movie_poster_mashups_19




Now i know what really in tails in a mashup to make it effective and work, its time for me to plan and get ideas for my mashup.