Today we looked at the belbin chart to see what kind of team role linked to what we was each like. I had to study it to see which one best described me as a team member. Here is the image of the chart:

I decided that the best that suited me was the TEAM WORKER, my reasons for this is because i really hate conflict and i think working within a group if there is conflict and arguments that i don’t think the work will be produced as well because i always think that if you all help each other out the end result will be exactly what you water with no “i could have, if we did this” etc.

Then we had to look what kind of designer we was. I was the Albert Einstein as shown below.

2. The Albert Einstein Designer

A smart man with an excellent work ethic, the Albert Einstein designer has the motto “No pain, no gain.” Unafraid of ridicule, he dares to be different.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. Failure is the mother of all success, and the Albert Einstein designer has a never-give-up attitude that pushes him to continually reach his goals despite countless failures.

The Albert Einstein designer continues to create his own designs, putting them to the test in various design competitions. He may not get it right each time or win every competition, but he believes his hard work will eventually pay off and that he will be recognized for his talents and effort.

His strong faith and his belief in himself enable him to patiently wait for the day when he is praised for his contributions. To him, the question is not if he will be successful, but rather when will he attain his goals and be successful.

However i am also a mix of Ella of frill and the bashful dwarf designers. This is because my motto has always been “the customer comes first”- the customer/client is always my number one priority and as for the bashful designer i  always feel that i could have done better, even when people tell me that i couldn’t!

Here is the website of the 7 types of designers that you could be!

Next part of the lesson we had to write down who we was, what we specialise in, what team role and designer we was. I also had to share what work inspired me and also show some of my own work. Here was the paragraph that i wrote:

My name is Siobhan Whittington, i specialise in video and motion graphics, video production is my passion. I love to create my own films whether its pre or post production. I believe my team role would be a team worker as i will have my say but i hate conflict and awkwardness between the group. I hate arguing. I know that everyone in the industry doesn’t get along and that’s just life but i try my best to keep myself to myself but obviously i am not afraid o put my ideas across. The designer that i think i am is the alter Einstein because i am a strong believer of never giving up, i will keep going and going until i have reached my goals and finished what i started to do. I like my work to be different even if it’s adding a tiny effect i love to be different. I also have the bashful dwarf designer in me as i alway think to myself that i could have done better.