Today in lesson we had a re-cap of photoshop as some of our minds had gone blank where we hadn’t used in in a while. We went through all the different shortcuts that can be used, here are a few that we went over surprisingly i remembered quite a few from last time:

  • Cmd 0 = normal size
  • cmd+ = zoom in
  • cmd – = zoom ut
  • space and mouse to pan around
  • move tool = v
  • lasso tool = l
  • crop = c
  • shape = u
  • paint bucket = g
  • erazor = e
  • cmd d = deselct
  • cmd z = delete

After we refeshed our memory with the shortcuts on photoshop, we then moved on to the pen tool, again just to resfesh our brains. this was very easy as i am used to this tool, however we then got taught how to re-brush in the hair that is difficult to cut out. We done this by using the lasso tool, this again was very simple for me as i rememberd that i used it for when i was practicing at home with photoshop.  You simply just go around the image/section that you want to change. then after i did this i used the re-fine edge to get the hair back, then i went over it with the brush to brush it back in. Simple! I also added a new background just simply to see the end result.

Here is the image i used before and after!

I really enjoyed doing this so i gave it ago again on a fury animal and added my own background, here it is ….