Today we looked into visual effects and how it is used to make a film look effective. We watched breakdowns of visual effete on YouTube to see what a difference it really makes. Here are a few examples of the kind of clips that we watched;

After seeing these examples it really made me get to thinking into planning and researching my idea, the quicker that i get my idea planned and into my head the more i can concentrate into making an amazing visual effects piece.

Firstly i need to think about what medium i want to go into to make my visual effects, for example, weather i want to looked more into films, music videos, new report, documentary!

Things i need to think about;

  • Genre )horror, action, drama, comedy etc. (i need to think about how these can come across different and their stereotypes towards the audience).
  • Narrative (need to consider the aspect of my medium that i am choosing, chases, violence)
  • what effects i want to include, I.E explosives, chases, scenery change, debris in the scene.
  • Most importantly WHY?
  • I need to watch a lot of different films with different effects to get more and more ideas and  better understanding of visual effects. I need to look at all aspects of the film, (introduction, main film and credits).
  • i need to complete a storyboard, scrip and maybe think about a green screen.
  • I also need to consider that i can make a still image into a live feature (like in the fast and furious film)
  • the lighting, shading, weather effects props that i will use (again depending on the genre of the film or medium that i want to use my visual effects on).

Discussions in class:

chases in films are normally involving a male, so by discussing this in class maybe i should consider changing this. I could do this by researching into more chases in films and look at how i could adapt to changing this.

I need to look at the area that i really want to study into and again consider the mood, feels and colours that will best suit my film. However i really want to do something different as i know that chases, car chases and violence have already been done and are very popular. So being different and unique is what i want to archive from this assignment.