I used the puppet tool which Simon had taught us in lessons but i always had to recall my memory, i used tutorials. I looked at many such as these:

I wanted to go a step further and make the giraffe’s mouth move, i had NO clue whatsoever how to do this. But i thought to myself “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. I used the CC SPLIT tool to do this but I started by looking at lots of tutorials to get an idea how to do it and also i best way to do it.

However i tried my best to match up the mouth with the audio i really tried but i found this quite difficult, but doing something i thought i couldn’t do and did it is a massive achievement for me.


I was really disappointed that i couldn’t make the yes blink… i looked at some many tutorials to see if this could help me to achieve this:

i tried so had to get my image onto adobe flash as this was the only way that i could figure out how to do it…. BUT it wouldn’t let me transfer my image onto flash which was so frustrating. I think that if i managed to make the eyes blink it would have made the whole animation a lot better… never mind this is something i am going to teach myself over the summer holidays i want to learn it!!!!