I researched loads of fonts that i could use for my title and end credits, i wanted a jungle type theme as kids loves animals and bright colours etc. I researched into a lot of fonts! Heres a few that i thought about using!

But i finally came to a decision to use the one below, the reason for this was because it looked like a giraffe’s Print and it was very catchy for a young person:

I also researched into some posters again of children’s programs to see how they used them and colours etc.


I chose all my must from sound cloud, i wanted to make my animation as Disney like as possible as all children as we know LOVE Disney! i researched some Disney films to see what kind of soundtrack they had to them as its obvious that they need to be cheerful and happy to grab the addition of the young audience. here is some you tube links that i researched to get an idea:

I searched and searched on sound cloud until i could find the right music to go with my animation, i finally found it. the two tracks that i picked are called “wish upon a star” for when i twinkle sound of the stars at the beginning of the production logo and also “a happy summers day which was used for the main animation from beginning to end.