Today we had a group critique and showed our films off to the class. We got really good feedback about how the music fitted in really well and how the editing just flowed into one shot to another. This was a good feeling knowing that we had produced a great film and fulfilled the brief. The only negative point that we took under the chin was that the coffee cups wasnt scary enough, Which looking back I can now see this. For a project like this in the future I will take all the points and feedback into consideration.

I really enjoyed being involved in this project, I think I fulfilled my roles brilliantly. However being the director I could feel that everyone was getting annoyed at me asking for different shots here and there, but that was my job. I could feel myself being annoying asking for many close-ups and different angles shots, but I had to do this to make the film better. I think I have done my best with the roles I was given and im proud of the finished project.