Today me and Tina met up and started to edit the film. Because we hd compleated the camera sheets we had an advantage of knowing which shots we was going to use, this meant we saved time going all through the different shots. Me and Tina sat down together and discussed at what points we was going to start and cut each scene. By two of us doing it gave us two different opinions. If we both disagreed with each other we would try both of the ideas we both came up with and see what one fitted best. We decided to fit all the shots together first and do the sound after, as the sound operator was Christina job.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: whist editing we noticed a grainy effect on the screen in all the dream scenes. ANOTHER IDEA (MEANT TO BE): Looks like the grainy effect was meant to be because since our film was a surreal film it worked out really well, as this added more to the surrealism dream-like to the scenes. We liked it so much we added more grain to the scenes. No more panicking things are finally coming together.

I done the title and credits and the end of the film, This was simply on Premire Pro. I didnt know how to do this so i looked on a few tutorials to help me understand what it was i was doing. Here is the tutorial that helped me:


This was our fist draft of the film:

Some people in our group didnt like the music that was put to the film and felt that it didnt build tention enough, so Christina and Tina went into even more depth of research and searched and searched “sound cloud” untill they found the appropriate sound/music for the film. However in my opinion it has came out 100% more better as i think it flows moew now. Everyone has put a fantastic effort into making this film a sucess, everyone ought to be proud of themselfs.


I hope you all enjoy watching it!!

I loved editing and matching up the cuts making sure it flowed.

We wanted to add the “The End” shot that we made with coffee granules at the end of the film. But unfortunately we couldn’t use it as the lighting was so dark on it and it just didn’t match the lighting throughout the film. We did try to stick it in at the end of the final cut film but it just didn’t look right. Although we did take a picture which is below: