Next step towards compleating this essay is to research into depth of both films “Dr.No” and “Casino Royale”. I started by re-looking at the analysis of spider grams that i created:

By looking at this again it helped me decide what i needed to find out more about.

Gun Barrel scene:

Above is the actor Sean Connery in “Dr.No” in the famous Gun barrel sequence and below actor Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale”

Watching the films I noticed that Gun barrel scene happens in both “Dr.No” and “Casino Royale”. Here is a YouTube video that i found  where it shows the “Gun Barrel” scene in all the james bond films form 1962-2008  here the video:

I also found a few webistes to help me understand this sequence, heres the links to the sites which i found interesting:

However as i will explain in my essay there are very subtle differences within the sequence. The tradition shown in all of the Bond films where Bond walks on then shoots at the gun barrel has been changed so that in “Casino Royale” bond doesnt walk onto the scene, he is already on the scene but turns unexpentantly then shoots at the screen, it makes the auidence unaware that its about to happen as they always know the first sign of the gun barrel scenes.

“Coming out of water scene”:

Again this is in all 22 Bond films, but “Casino Royale” has shown this in a different way AGAIN!!! Instead of the tradinonal Bond girl coming up from the water in the famous bikinis they show Bond coming from the water in blue trunks. Heres some research i found, i looked into depth of the bond girls, there bikinis and the blue TRUNKS!!:



Heres the two mirrored images of the georgous ursela andres in her famous white bikini and Daniel Craig in his blue trunks:


The special and visual effects are very different in both films. This is because in Caino royale there was more money that could be spent on the prouction than back in the 60’s.

This youtube video link below that i researched says it all about the difference in special and visual effects, heres the link:!