Firstly i produced some ideas to help me decide which image of the main character that i was going to use, i felt that the main image was the most important part of this project. Here are some drafts of my drawing:

Then i looked at what kind of backgrounds that i could use, So i googled some backgrounds on the internet:

I decided that i wanted to use this image below as my background so i started to develop my magazine cover:

I really like this image that i traced myself, i wanted to use this in my final peice but when i was trying to produce the image it didnt quite match the background and it looked odd. Here it is:

So i carried on experimanting, Here are some more ideas that i started to produce:

I found this image on google and decided to play about with it as i thought it matched the background pretty well.

I really didnt like the cube as it looks like i had just shoved it in the picture and i couldnt find a good tutorial to make it look like it was co,ming out from the screen so i scrpaed this idea.

I love the necklace effect and am deffinatly keeping this (even though it took me ages to do) im not keen on the monster i feel as though its too much as takes away the main foucus of the main image. So scrapp this aswell!


This is my fianl image…. i felt this was the one. Less can be more sometimes and it hit me that i dont need no other image on the clover to make it look better.