This terms essay is to study one contemporary and one historical artefact that can show similarities and differences.

First things first is to brainstorm what kind of subjects I could focus on and look more into depth at, I wrote down all the subjects that I would find interesting writing and researching about. Here is a brainstorm that I done to help me decide on a few ideas:

I put my thinking cap on throughout today and narrowed my decision down to two subjects. I really liked the idea of comparing non-liner editing to liner editing as editing is the career that I wont to take on when  i finish university, However i also loved the idea of comparing “Dr.No” (Young 1962) the very first James Bond film to “Casino Royale” (Campbell 2006) a latest Bond film.

I decided to go for the James Bond comparison as i felt there was so much to the film in which I could compare and show the differences. I also thought it would be fascinating to do a comparison of a film that was made over 40 years ago as it interests me how technology has changed over time.

Next things next…. Watch both films. I already luckily had “Casino Royale” on DVD so i didn’t need to worry about buying this film, However i didn’t have “Dr.No” and i knew that this would be very difficult to find as it is a very old film. I searched all around different shops, from HMV, to all the supermarkets, and none of them sold the film, i didn’t give up searching. I sat at home thinking where am i going to get the DVD from as i didn’t want to get it online as it said it was going to take 5-12 weeks to arrive. Furthermore, i remembered that there is a DVD rental shop in my village so i thought it was worth a try as i know previously he has sold some DVD’s in there. surprisingly he had “Dr.No” but unfortunately not to buy just to rent. So i asked him if he could do me a deal so i could keep it for a week. Generously he gave me the DVD for a week for £3-00 so i was so Happy!!!

Now to watch the films and analysis them! I spent the rest of the day watching both of the films really analysing them both and writing down as i went along the differences and similarities that i could see that would be appropriate to write in my essay. Here is my analysis in a spider diagram of both films: