I went away and really thought about a storyline but all that kept going through my head was that i only had 30-60 seconds to create this animation with a structured storyline. But eventually i came up with a script and drew up a story board.

Here is my Script:

As soon as i knew i was doing an animation I had already asked my 6-year-old niece to do the voice over i wanted a young girl to do it as i wanted to make it sound as realistic as possible. However when i had finished the script i realised that she couldn’t read that well yet. fortunately my back-up voice over was my other neice who is 13 years old which worked out fantastic as she really fitted the part of a little girl giraffe. My dad was also the perfect part to play the dad as he had a dominating voice. I recorded the voice over before i started to fit all my animation together, This took a couple of takes but we got there in the end.

My storyboard:

Drawing My Characters: I traced my own characters and scanned them

onto the computer. Here are my final drawings of Gina and the dad giraffe:

However something was missing….. Eyes! the giraffe’s eyes were not noticeable so i found some eyes on another giraffe and cut them out…. 

This is what the giraffe’s look like now with their new eyes Perfect!!!…….