Today was the day of filming. We turnt up at 9am to set up the camera and lighting and also to change all the furnature around so it was appropriate for our set that we wanted. We also set out all the mise-en-scene. As the film is based on the girl we wanted the house to look as girly as possible, we knew that the house was very plain becuase we vewied it before hand (as you can see in the pictures in the previous post). We made it more girly by putting, candles, flowers, fashion magazines, small aunimenmts, blankets/throws and cusions.

It went really well but we didnt get all the shooting finished as we didnt realise how long it would take to set up etc. Also adjusting the lights in the correct position took up alot of time too as we had to keep moving them to get the correct lighting and shading that we wanted it.

Throughout the filming today, we filled in a camera sheet which involved every single shot, take and scene, this was important to do as when it comes to editing it will make it easier for me and tina to find out what shots was good or bad, and what shots to use. This saves us time, we can now just crack on with editing instead of waisting time trying to figure out what shots to use. Here is a PDF document of the first page of the camera sheet:

camera sheet 1

When i got home i went through some of the shots that was filmed to see if i could work with any of it and too make sure everything fitted together so when it came to edit the film it would looked as though it flowed and was just shots cut together. I noticed a few objects in the shot that shouldnt have been there, for exmaple:

  •  In one of the shots there was the other spare camera that we wasnt using at the time
  • Also there was the lighting stands in shot which was no good.
  • There was also some of the crew in the shot a few times.
  • Hoover and small objects in the way.

Its mad to think its the littlest things that are so inportant and make a big difference.

One big mistake that we done was not using the tri-pod, all the shots was very shakey and was not useable. There was no way i could have used any of the shakey camera shots in the final film. This also had to be re-done. Luckly it wasnt the shots with the big dramatic scenes so this was no problem to re-shoot.

I also noticed that we had broke the 180 degree rule, so as the director i wrote down some notes for the group to take on board. The notes were suggestions on a couple of scenes that i thought we should shoot agian. Here is my notes in which what shots i wanted re-done. (with a little bit of encouragement for the group at the end):


As we didnt get round to finishing the whole of the shooting we went back to shoot the rest of it. We also shoot the other scenes where the camera, crew ,objects and lighting was in the way. After this happening it made the whole of the group more aware to what was in shot throughout the shooting today. Everyone was good at pciking up on differnet objects that were in the shot. For example there was a pizza box and coke bottles by the bin, it was not there for mondays shooting, so we had to remove anything that we found that wasnt there before so it didnt look like we shot it on a different day. We wanted everything perfect. We also used the tri-pod more so the scenes looked more sterdy. I GUESS YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

We still carried on with the camera sheets, as it will be an adavantage when it comes to editing.

(The next day at univeristy we watched the clips back as me and Tina we wanted to start the editing. A BIG problem occured, all the lighting in scenes was very dark and you couldnt see the facial expressions on the characters face. We realised that we couldnt work with any of this, so as a group we decided to book more equipment out and re-film. Nothing was going to stop us making a top film. UNFORTUNATLY… all the lighting equipment was booked whoch we needed desperatly. Howvever… Fliss knew someone in the lighting bussiness and spoke to him about borrow a couple of sets of lights. As a group we spoke about splitting the money incase we needed to pay for the lights. Thankfully Fliss got us two sets of lighting for free! phew)!!



Everyone was stressted and fed up of filming today, but we had a problem, had to solve it and get on with it, we just wanted to get it over and done with. It only took us a few hours to re-do the scenes. We made sure we was on top of things and looked at all the shots we took before we left the house. We didnt want to come back and re-film so we looked while we was there, luckly we did this as some of the shots had lines through them so we had to re-film them, this wasnt a problem, we just re-solved them and got on with the next shot.

Again we still carried out the camera sheets. This was important to do.

I think the group has learnt alot through this process of filming and learnt that alot of mistakes can be made in the film industry, everyone learns from them.

Everyone was happy to see this finished!… Now to edit.