Researching My Roles:

Being assigned the roles of The Director and the Editor i decided to research into what kind of responsibilities i will have to deal with. I looked on many websites to help me with this.


WHAT IS A DIRECTOR? – “Directors turn a script into a movie; they are responsible for the quality of the final product and its success. In most cases, directors work on films far longer than any actor, technician, or editor, from the first day of brainstorming to the final release; it is no wonder that directing is physically,mentally, and emotionally draining. Directors work with actors; makeup artists; cinematographers; writers; and film, sound, and lighting technicians. They determine all the particulars of how scenes are to be shot, from visual requirements to the placement of the actors and the appropriateness of the script. Directors cast actors who can bring their vision to the screen. Sound judgment and an open mind are important during these initial phases. A director guides actors to a greater understanding of their characters’ motivations and encourages them to perform at a high level—sometimes by gently cajoling and sometimes by yelling—anything to get the job done.”

These websites really helped me to understand what the directors role involves.

Now i understand that film directing is the most important and hardest jobs to do, i can see why. I know that im going to have to be bossy and demanding with what shots to do etc (my team mates will most proberbly get annoyed with me) but in the long run we will come back with an amazing film. There responsibilities seem never ending, all the information on the many websites that i found will stick in my head when were on set shooting, i can see that being hash and bossy will get the job done, and we can produce the best film.  ( i hope i get a dirctors chair like this picture below becuase its clear that there pretty inportant!!!!)


WHAT IS A FILM EDITOR? “Film editors assemble footage of feature films, television shows, documentaries, and industrials into a seamless end product. They manipulate plot, score, sound, and graphics to refine the overall story into a continuous and enjoyable whole”.

Again i looked on many websites to help me understand to role of an editor. Here are a few of the websites that i looked on to help me get to graps with the jobs that i need to enroll myself into:

Here is a youtube video that i came across whilst researching, it was very helpful and made me understand more what responsibilities a film editor involves. Here is the youtube link:

It is clear that this a pretty inportant job too, so both my roles that i have been given seem to be very inportant so it looks like i have to be on the ball and know exactly what im doing. I know that i can manage it as i have done film making in my previous studies. Here goes Film number 5!


As one of the responsibilites for the job of the director is to tell the actors where to stand/what to do next and what kind of camera shots to do, i decided to research different camera shot that i could use. I found some usefull websites which helped me understand how to make a good film with camera shots, so here are a few of the websites:

Here is a youtube video that i found very useful as it showed all the differnt kind of shots amd how to use them, i will most definatle keep this video in mind and go back to it whist shooting:


As prevouisly making films before hand i knew that there was a vital rule in filming that you have to stick to throughout the whole of shooting, this is the 180 degree rule. I found a very good youtube video which explained the 180 degree rule in much more depth. This rule will always stick in my mind whenever i do any kind of filmmaking as i know how important it is. Heres the link to the youtube video:


All films have there own production company names, so we thought why not? We might as well go all out and add the little effects which can create a big impact on the final piece. I decided to reseach a little  bit more into production logos, and how they make there logos appealing. Here is a collage that i made of famous production logos that i thought was inspiring:

I also researched how the logo appears on the screen at the very start of a film just to give me an idea of how we could introduce the production logo at the start of our film, and see how they make there logo appear and what kind of music they have to there logo. Here are a few youtube videos that i found of well know production company logos:

As a group we all came up with a production name, we wanted a name that had a meaning to it. We all came up with the name FUSION PRODUCTION. We looked on google to see if there was already a production company called “Fusion Production”, so unfotunatly we couldnt use this name, however we researched into “FUSION X PRODUCTION” to see weather this was exsistant, but i wasnt so thankfully we went for this production name.

WHY DID WE CHOOSE THIS NAME? We choose to call it “Fusion X Production as the definition of Fusion is the joining/combining together of something. We thought it was suitable as were combining camera shots together to make a short film. Here are the logo’s that Christina produced, we all decided to voted on everyones favourites, so here they are:

This is the one that won the vote, near enough everyone in our group wanted this one as the logo and i also asked othe rfamily members to see what on they thought was the best, the majority again chose the one below:


As our film is about coffee addiction i decided to reserarch weather people can get addicted to coffee etc. Here are some websites that i found quite interesting and i found things that we could consider putting in our film to make her addiction more realistic:

In these webistes i found out that a coffee and the start of a day can give you a rollercoaster day of high and lows. And can make you very tired. I think its important as the role of the directer to get to know the characters so i can put them in the correct positions and tell them how they need to act. This was very useful to research.


“Surrealism is a type of art when artists create dreamlike paintings especially nightmares filled with mysterious objects that have been oddly changed in ways you couldn’t see in reality. Salvador Dali is a famous Surrealist, who also created films about his life, and various other painting etc etc.”